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Crimping Techniques Video

How to Crimp Video

A quick jewelry making video that shows how to crimp a crimp tube and use crimping pliers

Crimping Wire for Beaded Necklaces

Crimping Wire for Beaded Necklaces. Part of the series: Beaded Jewelry Projects. Crimping the wire keeps beads on the necklace. Learn how to crimp wire in this free video clip about making jewelry with beads.

What is a Crimp Bead

What is a Crimp Bead?. Part of the series: How to Make Beaded Jewelry. A crimp bead is a very small metal bead that is used on the ends of a piece of jewelry to keep them all on the strand. See how to use crimp beads in a variety of projects with great tips from an experienced jewelry maker in this free video on beaded jewelry.