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What To Wear

DIY Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt

This sequin maxi wrap skirt is so beautiful and brightly designed for the this season. Have a look at this!

DIY Sequin Mini Skirt

For this project I focused on keeping the sequin fabric intact (cutting and sewing sequins can be a b*tch), so I folded it in half lengthways and sewed the edge together. However, you can also cut the fabric to the right width and hem the edge, adding lining for comfort. My sequins were quite flat and therefore didn’t cut into my skin which was great for this foldover method.

DIY Little Black Studded Dress

If you’re lucky, tonight is date night. But what are you going to wear? If you’ve got half an hour, and an old dress lying in the back of your cupboard, you could try your hand at this little black dress.

DIY The Shift Dress

I mean, come on. It wouldn't be the holidays without a touch of elegant, would it? This is easy to add to any old dress… instant lift!

Tie Front Cut Out Dress

This dress is so easy to make, and has a cut out, so you can show off your tan and get some much needed cross ventilation at the same time.

DIY Lace Up Dress

Today I'll share with you a little before and after – taking a simple black dress and turning it into something different, special and, well, oh so Spring 15!

DIY Lace Dress

Date night ready in this simple before and after, it’s pretty sheer for the of you that are feeling out there, others throw a cami underneath.

DIY Paillette Sequin Collar Dress

Take something old and make it new again as a fun upcycled craft project! Would you want to have a try?

DIY Japanese Obi Panel Skirt

Today we'll show you how to make your own skirt with pieces of vintage Japanese obi fabric that it can be customized to your personal style and taste.

DIY Nautical Button Skirt

To do this project you can simply add gold buttons to any navy skirt, but I thought it would be nice to create a faux panel which gave the impression of a button up style. This turned out to be easy to do using the piece of fabric left over when I shortened this skirt. Yay!

DIY Sheer Hem Pencil Skirt

This is such a simple project that I probably don’t need to post the actual steps, but for those of you who like to be walked through the process, I’ve given you the run-down below!

DIY Split Wrap Skirt

Doing anything with linen fabric was going to be major challenge because I was sans sewing machine, but I knew something was possible. This is one of the projects I made out.

DIY Mesh Pencil Skirt

Today I will show you how you can make a little bit of mesh all of your own. Here it is...

DIY Lace Skirt

Without the necessary sewing machine required for a more serious project, I set about creating something super easy using just hand sewing, essentially creating a lace overlay for an existing skirt I found at the markets. This process is somewhat similar to what I used to make this mesh skirt, and is really very easy. It’s perfect for the sewing novice or someone without a machine.

DIY Lace Romper

This project evolved as I worked on it, I wasn't exactly sure what it would look like before I started but it turned out to be exactly what I needed for hanging by the beach or a bit of high summer boat hopping.

DIY Open Back Shirt

white shirt comes into its own with the addition of a cut out at the back. And so easy to do! Grab a simple cotton shirt from the back of your closet or a thrift store and away you go!

DIY Pleated Denim Dress

This denim shift dress I thought it might be fun to make myself a summer pleated dress, a little bit 90’s, and little bit Balmain and a whole lot of satisfaction when it was done. This was my first experience with pleating and let’s just say it was an eye opener!

DIY Pleated Midi Skirt

With only a few supplies, you can make this midi skirt in minutes and it would be a gorgeous gift. Wanna make your own?

DIY Lace Pencil Skirt

I recently got my hands on some pink lace fabric and knew immediately what Burberry inspired item I would be slapping together on my sewing machine. And what could be more appropriate for summer than a lace pencil skirt, made in an ultra feminine hue of pastel pink?

DIY Midi Skirt Top Set

Here we go again, turning a pretty nasty dress into something not-so-gross and potentially wearable. I like to think of this as the job interview version of the checked set I made a little while ago here, so long as your job isn’t weird around a hint of midriff!
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