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Crimp Plier

Create fun handmade jewelry with crimping tools from Beads.us.

Memory Wire Cutter

Memory wire cutters are made specifically to easily cut hard wires such as memory wire (steel) and precious metals. These cutters will create a straight (flat) cut, so they work wonderfully for headpins too. Rubber coated, spring return handles are easy to use.

Thread Clipper

Thread Clippers, for quick snipping work, these easy-to-use clippers are designed with no finger holes. Spring action handles and sharp blades make these a handy tool.

Side Cutter

Find the right cutters at the right price for all your jewelry projects at Beads.us.

Round Nose & Concave Plier

This plier features a concave and round nose shape. Wrap your wire around the round nose portion, once you close the plier, the concave shape will bend the wire into a perfect 180 degree circle. Just move the pliers one or two times around and you have a perfect circle!

Gemstone Setting Plier

Find the right pliers and cutters at the right price for all your jewelry projects at Beads.us.

One-Step Looper

The One Step Looper Tool cuts and loops a wire or head pin in one motion! The One Step Bead Looper allows you to create & trim eye pins simply. It works well on wire or you can use them with head pins or eye pins. The One Step Looper Tool works with dead-soft or half-hard wire. You can use precious metal wire or craft wire, as well as gold or silver filled wire, copper wire, or brass wire and stainless wire. Suggested wire sizes range from 18 gauge to 26 gauge wire. Memory wire can damage t

Multi-size Looping Pliers

Make a handmade jewelry masterpiece with coiling pliers from Beads.us.

Split Ring Plier

Beads.us is your source for versatile jump ring and split ring tools.

Rosary Plier

Rosary pliers are a perfect two-in-one tool--round-nose pliers and side-cutting pliers in one handy tool. Round-nose pliers create loops and curves. Side-cutting pliers trim metal or beading wire. This is a great tool for highly repetitive work such as making rosaries or handmade chain.

End Cutting Plier

End cutting pliers or "end nippers" are designed to trim excess material and leave a clean, flat surface behind. They feature a bladed tip (as opposed to bladed jaws like diagonal cutters), which lets you cut close against a surface. End cutters are used to trim excess wire, nails, bolts and even tile.

Bent Nose Plier

Jewellers often prefer the Bent Nose Pliers to the Straight Pliers because, with the bent jaw, it allows them to keep their wrists comfortably straight while working. The bent nose of the pliers allows them to get to more difficult small areas easily. Normally the thinner the jaw tip, the better for very fine, detailed work.

Magic Finding Plier

Work together with The Magic Finding pliers for crimps. The Magic Finding pliers transform The Magic Finding crimps into rounded bead shapes. By crimping The Magic Finding crimp within the two notches of the pliers respectively, the pliers can secure up to seven jewelry strands. Patent pending.

Magic Finding Plier

These special pliers are designed specifically for use with the Magic Finding, a small circular crimp with multiple holes that allows you to crimp up to seven strands of wire at once. Like crimping pliers, these have two small notches are designed to perfectly crimp the finding. Their thick jaws should help you identify them among other crimping pliers. Do not use the Magic Finding pliers for any other purpose than with the Magic Finding (Magic Multi-Purpose Finding) and the Magic Finding Omega

Chain Nose Pliers

Beads.us is your source for versatile chain nose pliers.

Wolf Pliers

Make a handmade jewelry masterpiece with Wolf pliers from Beads.us.

Round Nose Pliers

Create fun handmade jewelry with round nose pliers from Beads.us.

Nylon Jaw Pliers

Make a handmade jewelry masterpiece with nylon jaw pliers from Beads.us.

Tool Kits

Beads.us is your source for useful tool kits.
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