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Timeless Designs

Must-Have Jewelry: 10 Timeless Pieces

Dazzling diamonds, crisp white pearls, bold bangles, rings you name it, we love it. These 10 timeless jewelry must-haves will help you accessorize any outfit. Diamond Studs. It doesn't matter how small, big, old or new, diamond studs are timeless, elegant and sophisticated. They are a perfect finishing touch to any look from jeans to fancy dresses. Diamond Ring. Every woman deserves to look down at her hand and smile at a stunning sparkler. Chandelier Earrings. There's more than

Chandelier Earrings Have a Rich History

Recently, we put together a collection of dramatic chandelier drops. Popular as they are today, these earrings have a history that stretches back to ancient Greece. In fact, archaeologists there uncovered gold filigree chandeliers with enameled rosettes and tiny shell pendants that were determined to be from the fifth century B.C. Chandelier earrings from the third century B.C., again of gold filigree, were also discovered on the east coast of Turkey. Further examples of this style with emer

Cultured Pearls: Go For Baroque

More and more, people are asking our jewelry experts, "What are baroque pearls?"Very simply,baroque pearlshave an asymmetrical shape. The intriguing quality of these pearls is that no two are ever exactly alike. Think about that — each one is a unique treasure from Mother Nature. Known for their impressive size and notable luster, baroque pearls can be surprisingly affordable. Our latest collection includes something for every budget, from refineddrop e