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Seasonal Looks

Vacation and Getaway Jewelry Advice

We all look forward to getaways, a time for pure rest and relaxation including carefree days sightseeing and romantic nights dining and dancing. Whether you're planning on going on a big city tour, an island cruise or a European vacation, we are here to help you look styled and put together.Big CityThere's something so exciting about a big city's hustle and bustle, the sights and the sounds. Don't get lost in the city buzz...walk those streets as if they were a runway! You want to choose a ci

Hostess Gift Ideas

Going to a party? A hostess gift is a classic way to thank someone, but it is often overlooked. Buying the hostess a present can be a daunting task, but we know she will be so grateful to be so appreciated. To make things a little easier, here are some ideas for selecting a thoughtful hostess present. Barware and stemware: A crystal set will go with any style. And everyone knows -- you can never have too many wine glasses! Candlesticks: They provide ambiance and always make a nice present. W

Autumn's Best Accessories

Wearing some fall jewelry is a great way to commemorate the autumn season. And there is so much to celebrate! Thanksgiving, Halloween, apple-picking, and pumpkin-carving just to name a few of the great things autumn has to offer. Give your look some fall flair with fashionable jewelry that speaks of the season. Birthstones for the autumn months are another great way to take advantage of the season's accessories. There is sapphire for September, opal for October, and citrine for November. Fe

Resort Looks for Vacation Attire

Are you ready for winter to be over? Do you dream of feeling warm sun on your face and sand between your toes, hearing the sound of the ocean's waves hitting the shore and maybe even tasting a cool, refreshing umbrella drink? Whether you are packing your bags and heading on a warm weather getaway or just need a little boost, take notice of the trend known as resort wear jewelry. What is resort wear, you ask? Resort wear is typically a style that exudes a fun, yet relaxed vibe. Think versatile,

Cocktail Rings Complete Your Holiday Look

Are you yearning to take a different approach to the bold look this Holiday season? Show some character with a fashionably funcocktail ring. Fabulous styles include rings featuring richcolorful gemsanddiamonds.Colored cocktail rings add bold elegance to any monochromatic ensemble. Stick to more classic, cool jewel tones, such as amethyst, blue topaz, or emerald for a regal look. Or, think hotter hues like pink tourma

Earrings for Summer Hairstyles

Hot and sticky weather calls for ponytails, buns, braids, chignons and other gorgeous updos. Those hairstyles are perfect opportunities to show off your favorite earrings, especially at bridal luncheons, baby showers, weddings and other special occasions. Here are some of our favorite picks for summer earrings:Oversized StylesWithout all the hair in the way, you've got the room to show off mega-sized designs. For effortless, everyday style, throw on a class

Seasonal Looks

Styles change right along with the seasons. And with each season comes a special set of looks with its own specific color palettes, motifs, and silhouettes. Winter is all about sparkle. Fresh floral motifs arrive with spring. With summer comes vibrant pops of color. And fall invites deep hues and foliage. Here, you'll discover all kinds of seasonal design ideas, including fashion suggestions for annual holidays and special occasions.