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Rings Projects

DIY Swirl-wrapped Bead Ring

Another swirly wire jewelry!All I want to say is that 'swirl addiction' is quite dangerous! you can't stop swirlin' around once you start.

DIY Heart Wrapped Ring

It feels so good when I make something in my head, then make it for real and it turns out exactly how I thought it would be. I was really happy with the final result.

DIY Simple Double-Heart Ring

I had to come out of my swirl-phobia and try making something different with wire.And finally I made this simple double-heart wire ring, hope you like it.

Golden Snitch Ring

I'm going to show you how to have a cool ring you'll get a lot of questions about.

DIY G-Clef Inspired Ring

This is a simple treble clef inspired ring I made while practicing to make more swirls! I wanted to make a treble clef pendant but ended up making a ring.It was fun to make and I hope you enjoy making one too.

Wire-Beads Infinity Ring

This ring is really very very simple and easy to makefor making it.

Wire Heart Ring

Hi! Here I'll be showing you how I made this simple heart ring out of wire.

Wire Roses Ring

These romantic wire rings feature a row of three roses. They are very pretty, smooth and comfortable to wear. They are also easy to make and can be as simple or as ornate as you want.

Wire Charm Ring

In this wire ring tutorial, we’ll use a single piece of wire to create the look of stacked rings – plus a loop for attaching a small charm or bead.This is a good project for using up orphan beads, orphan earring dangles, or small pendants.These are fun for people of all ages to make and wear – and would be an especially good make-and-take project for teen birthday parties, slumber parties, etc.

Freedom Flower Ring

Let freedom ring with this patriotic design! The cute flower beads are perfect for creating a fun summer idea that you can mix and match with your favorite colors.

DIY: Curb Chain Ring

While browsing important web sites the other day, I stumbled upon some pictures and fell in love with a curb chain ring she had on. Long story short I decided to make my own version and recycle some broken rings while at it.

How To Make Shiny Statement Rings

You can never have enough shiny accessories. And most of us probably aren’t Rihanna with endless diamonds to roll into a joint. So consider adding one of these super easy and super stylish rings to your jewelry box.

Spoon Ring Tutorial

Here it is ladies and gents – the highly anticipated spoon ring tutorial! Before I get started, I just want to say how incredibly excited I am to have all you lovely new readers over here, and if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know! So without further ado, I give you the tutorial.

DIY Statement Finger Ring

Create your own statement jewelry with jewelry epoxy clay! I had so much fun creating my own jewelry! I made myself a beautiful ring...

DIY Ribbon Wrapped Ring

Create this Ribbon Wrapped Ring DIY using ribbon and an unexected item from the hardware store to make the base of this ring.

DIY Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are a great way to add sparkle and color. And you dont have to be dressed up to wear them. Let your hands speak for themselves with a great Cocktail Ring DIY!

DIY Memory Wire Napkin Rings

Part of the joy of the holiday season comes from creating special memories. Decorating your home for gatherings with friends and family adds to the joy, especially if you include handmade decor!

Geometric Clay Rings

This is one of my favorite projects that I’ve made in a while!! I’m excited to sharing these fun Geometric Clay Rings.

DIY Wire Rings

Have you got any wire lying around? Well, then you can make a beautiful ring in less than five minutes.

Cotton Wrapped Wire Rings

Make rings from wire and cottons strings!