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Rings Projects

Crochet Flower Ring

My own pattern. I love this and hope you like too.

Rainbow Loom Ring- EASY

Easy Breezy Rainbow loom ring using different colors!

How To Make A Christmas Ring

This is a tutorial on making a glass bead ring for Christmas. If you are interested in it, just get a try following my tutorial below. Do you want to wear special jewelry on Christmas day? Today I'm going to show you how to make a charming glass bead Christmas ring with red pearl bead, green glass beads, brown glass beads and gold seed beads. It seems difficult to make it judging from the picture, but in fact it is easy to make it if you have acquired the basic square pattern beading technique. Let's check the bead ring patterns and instructions together.

Easy 3 Flower Crystal Ring

Simple steps to make your own dazzling Crystal Rings with Swarovski crystals, shine on a night out, or simply wear the crystal ring with your day-to-day clothes. You can simply use one-color crystal beads for an easy way.

Nail Ring

This is a very simple project. Choose a longer nail that can fit around your finger. The nail I used wasn't long enough, that's why it couldn't close all the way around. You can also choose to add a stone for your ring if you want.

Flower Ring Made From Copper

This tutorial walks through the process of creating your very own flower ring. This instructable is a great project to undertake if you want to master jewelry soldering in a single project.

How To Make A Flower Ring

You can learn how to make a simple ring and enjoy it in here.

Simple Wire Rings

This is a easy ring to make, you can have a try.

Crystal Ring

A simple design. If you like it, I will shouw you the process of making this ring.

Zig Zag Wire Wrapped Ring

One class is called 'Fun with Wire'. Here is a sample project that I designed for the class.

Tips On How To Make A Crystal Ring

This is a lovely little tutorial on how to make a funky pyramid style crystal ring using Swarovski Crystals and Czech Crystal beads. Have fun and play around you can even turn it at an angle and you have a different style entirely.

DIY Wire Spiral Ring

This wire ring only takes a few minutes to make and looks unique and stylish!

DIY Golden Snitch Ring

In the intro of that instructable, I mentioned wanting to make a ring first, where the wings of the snitch wrapped around your finger. Since I always prefer trying new designs instead of remaking something I've already successfully made, I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes!

Twisted ring: A spin-off

I started to think how I could use them in jewelry and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it!

DIY 6-Swirls Wire Ring

Like I've said in my previous ible that I've made a list of 10 swirly wire jewelries, well here's the second one- 6 swirls wire ring. Making swirly patterns using wire is really easy and fun and I'm sure you'll have fun making this swirly ring.

Diy rings – fun easy crafts

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make the cord ring.I hope you like it.

Tree of life ring

When I saw a tree of life dream catcher, I really wanted to make one myself, so I wanted to look up a few pictures. I most certainly found a few dream catcher pictures, but I also saw a ring that incorporated a tree of life in the design, absolutely amazing. So, my plans of making a dream catcher had to make way for this intriguing project.

DIY Wire Ring

How to make the most adorable rings using only wire and a bead. They are adorable and they make great Valentines Day presents. Hope you enjoy.

Twisted ring

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make these twisted rings. Once you've got the hang of it, it takes only five minutes to make one!

DIY Evil Eye Ring

Here's an easy tutorial for a DIY wire-wrapped Evil Eye ring, if you don't have an Evil Eye bead any round bead or crystal will work.