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Rings Projects

How to Make a Bead Ring

1. Cut a strip of elastic. Measure the length that will fit around the finger about twice, then cut. Slide a small bead into the center of this cut piece. 2. Slip two larger beads at either side of the small bead. 3. Slip a small bead on one tail. Then slip the other tail through, too. 4. Continue this pattern until you have enough beads to fit around the finger. Do not add a small bead to the last set. 5. Finish the ring by slipping the loose tails through the first small bead you placed o

Make a Ring from a Silver Coin

1. Obtain a silver coin. If you are using a U.S. coin, you need to use one from 1964 or earlier. (More recent coins are not made of silver and will not look as good as a silver coin but seem to be easier to shape. However, the content of copper and other metals will discolor your finger because it will start oxidizing on your finger.) You can get one from any coin dealer for $3. A quarter makes a woman's size ring (or a very thin ring for a man with below-average finger size) and a half-dollar

Studded Double Finger Ring


Wire Heart Finger Ring

1. You'll need wire (I used 20 gauge), round nose and cutting pliers and a glue stick or lip balm in order to shape the ring to fit your finger. You can always use your finger too! It may take you a few times to master this, so I suggest using scrap wire if you don't want to use up your red colored wire or precious metal wire. 2. Cut a piece of wire apprx. 5 inches. 3. Shape the wire on the glue stick or lip balm. 4. Now you have a 'U' shape. 5. Bend the left side with your round nose plier

Star Ring

Material And Tools:1.Gold polymer clay and polymer clay tools (rollers, polishing sponge, spatula)2.A circle and a star-shaped cookie cutter, both approximately the same size (maybe cookie cutter)3.Leather4.Pad Ring Base5.Craft glue6.Pen7.Scissors 1. Roll out the polymer clay to about 0.2 in (5 mm) thickness and cut out a round circle. 2. In the center now cut out the star shape. Carefully detach both forms with a spatula from the work surface, press possible deformations (especially i

Ball Cluster Ring

What you'll need:beadsloop ring basehead pins Put one bead on each headpin and start a wrapped loop. Next, finish the wrapped loops and cut off the extra. Then open a 4mm jump ring and put 7 beads on it and attach it to the ring base. Using the jump ring allows you to get more beads onto the ring for a fuller look. I wound up using 8 of the 10 loops on the ring base (skipping the two loops in the center) because my ring was so full that I didn’t have room for any more.

DIY Zipper Ring

Material And Tools:1.Zipper (approximately 15 centimeters long – you need only one part)2.Ring3.Pliers4.Felt circle (about 3-4 cm in diameter)5.Rhinestone6.Scissors7.Hot glue gun 1. Cut away the fabric part of the zipper. 2. Knot the zip like shown at the picture. 3. Glue the ends together. Push it with the pliers and allow to dry. 4. Put some glue on the back of the knotted zipper and stick it to the felt circle (in the middle). 5. Fix the rhinestone in the middle of the rin

DIY Spring Ring

Supplies2 colors of coordinating fabricPad Ring BasePearl BeadsScissorsNeedle & ThreadA lighter (for singeing the edges of your fabric)Hot glue gun 1. Cut 5 circles from the first fabric, varying from 1 inch in diameter down to about 3/4 inch. Cut 3 circles from the second fabric in the same varying sizes. Being exact really does not matter in this step, so don not stress yourself out trying to make perfect circles. 2. Use your lighter to singe the edges of each circle. This makes

Wire Bow Ring

Supplies:Jewelry PliersWire Steps:1. Start with 6 pieces of wire2. In the middle create a loop to fit your finger, I wrapped around a chapstick tube to create a rounded circle.3. With your round pliers, grab the top4. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the right loop of the bow5. Next grab the bottom wire6. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the second loop7. Adjust so your loops are even6. Take the end of the left loop, and wrap around the center, through the ring7. T

DIY Clay Ring

What you will need:1. Neon colored clay2. Square or circle rings with recessed base.3. Glue Instructions:1. Knead the clay in your hand until it softens. Then turn over your ring and press into the clay. 2. Cut out the shape with a smooth knife and trim until it fits into the ring. Bake according to clay package directions. The result!

DIY Stone Rings

Materials:- black or gray stones- paint pens- brass or silver ring pads- paint pens- Gorilla Epoxy Glue- painters tape- spray shellac 1. Start with basic patterns like stripes, polka dots, and the ever-present chevron. 2. Mix up your epoxy glue as directed on the bottle. We recommend mixing on a plate and using a popsicle stick as a glue applicator. Apply glue to a ring pad, press it onto each stone, and let dry. 3.Let themdry for about an hour before putting them on.&nb

Peach Aventurine Ring

What you willl need:Artistic Wire 18-Gauge Tarnish Resistance Silver Wire1 Bead (11x6mm)Ring Mandrel Finger Sizer Gauges Find Exact Size RingsJewelry Plier Set1. Cut a piece of 18ga round dead soft wire 1 ft (30cm) long.2. Place a 11x6mm pillow bead in the middle of the wire. Bend the wire down as shown. 3. Place the wire with a bead around the ring mandrel at size larger than needed. Wrap the wire around the ring. There is one wire on either side of a bead.4. Wrap each wire twice aroun

DIY Art Deco Ring

You will need:Ring BaseCraft GlueLoose rhinestonesStep 1: Pick out your favorite gems you want to work with and begin to play around with patterns for the placement of the stones on the ring. Step 2: Once you have decided on your unique design, add a small drop of glue to the top base of the ring. Do not add a large glob as it will ooze out once the rhinestones are placed, instead use only enough for the center of the ring base, allowing room for the glue to spread. Step 3: Carefully plac

How to Make Wire Rings

Quantity of Items Needed:12 gauge aluminum craft wire, 2 feetRulerSoft ragWire cutterJewelry pliersPen or knitting needle the circumference of your ring sizeIntroduction:Step 1: Prepare all the materials you'll need.Step 2:Measure and cut 2 feet of 12 gauge aluminum wire with your wire cutters. Step 3:Bend the ring around your round object four times. Leave a 1 inch tail on the back side of the band. Leave the other end long on the front of the band. It will measure about

Sparkling Bud Cluster Ring

Materials:1 Silver Plated Large Diamond Filigree Ring Form1 Pkg. Silver Plated Large Heart Filigree Bead Caps1 Pkg. Fuchsia Swarovski Bicone Crystals, 3mm1 Pkg. Olivine Swarovski Bicone Crystals, 4mm1 Pkg. Light Topaz Helix Twisted Rounds1 Pkg. Silver Plated Wire, 22 gaugeTools you will need:Flat Chain Nose PliersRound Nose PliersSide CuttersBail Making PliersDirections:Step 1. Cut a piece of Wire measuring approximately 8 inches in length using Side Cutters. Thread one end of

Colorful Cluster Ring

Materials:1 Pkg. of Silver Plated Rounds, 3mm1 Pkg. of Silver Plated Stardust Beads, 4mm1 Pkg. of Antique Silver Plated Bali Style Beaded Heishis, 3mm1 Pkg. of Fuchsia Swarovski Crystal Bicones, 4mm1 Pkg. of Indicolite Swarovski Crystal Bicones, 4mm1 Pkg. of Citrine Swarovski Crystal Bicones, 4mm1 Pkg. of Raspberry Round Glass Pearls, 4mm1 Pkg. of Tahitian Look Round Swarovski Pearls, 4mm3 Pkg. of Thin Silver Plated Head Pins, 1”, 24 gauge1 Pkg. of Nickel Plated Adjustable Beada

Crystal Wrapped Ring

Quantity of Items Needed 10" of 20ga Copper Wire1 12mm Swarovski Crystal Round*for making ring #1 1 8mm Swarovski Indicolite Cube Bead *for making ring #2 2 6mm Swarovski Indicolite AB Round Beads *for making ring #2 1 Steel Ring Mandrel with Groove Instructions. 1) Take the 10" length of wire and make a 90° bend in the center. Slip the Crystal Bead (or Beads) onto on half of the wire. Now take your Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers and make another 90° bend to "lock" the beads onto the