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Cubic Zirconia Rings

There's a lot to be said for the selection of CZ rings at Ross-Simons. Quality, value and beauty are a few of the benefits of choosing your cocktail ring, promise ring or engagement ring here. But you may be wondering why a CZ ring would be the ideal choice for you. For one thing, it creates a beautiful, glamorous and- most importantly-affordable display. You will look like a movie star, and everyone will wonder how you were able to afford such elegant jewelry. Or think about the peace of min

Handmade Coin Finger Ring

Making a finger ring by yourself is more meaningful than buying an expensive one. Let's learn how to make coin finger ring right now! Materials and tools: half-dollar coin, 20 cent coin, a hammer, electric drill, polishing wheel, adhesive tape 1. Mark on the center of the coin.2. Pinch the coin, hammer the edge of it carefully and twirl it at the same time.3. 45 minutes later, stop until the acreage of the half-dollar coin is less than the 20 cents coin.4. Punch a hole on

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