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Pearl Knowledge

Extreme Makeover: Pearl Edition

Pearls have long been known to represent elegance and style, but few are aware that pearls are a versatile jewelry component that can be worn for both fancy dinners and casual barbecue outings.If you think of a simple strand when you imagine pearls, get ready to be blown away! The fashion world has determined that pearls have multiple uses, and we’re here to share with you the new pearl revolution.

Magical Pearls

Pearls bring to mind different images of elegance, like a bride on her wedding day or a classic Hollywood starlet. There’s a reason why these gems are a symbol of timeless beauty—they’ve been enchanting us for thousands of years. From ancient China to the Egyptians and Imperial Romans, pearls are one of the longest valued gems. Working with pearls in jewelry involves a number of things, such as knowing how to care for them, understanding color and being able to distinguish quality. Today, we’ll focus on the origins of the pearl.

Caring for Pearls

How to care of our pearl jewelry? Most of people think that it is difficult but here we will introduce you some easy and professional ways.

Glossary about Pearls

Here you will learn lots of glossary about pearls.