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Necklace Projects

Silver Necklace

My necklace is made all from silver, you can also use nickle.

Sparkle Steampunk Statement Necklace

By completing this instructable, you will create a necklace inspired by steampunk fashion, while still having a little sparkle.You may choose any colors you want but I chose to stick with metal colors.

Lightsaber Necklace Pendants

I recently got into Star Wars - I know, I know, how did I NOT like Star Wars?! - but The Force Awakened, and it awakened hard. Either way, I'm now incredibly invested in the SW universe, and here I am, making Star Wars crafts.

Maori Necklace

Hello Dudes and Dudets! Today I will be demonstrating how I carved my Maori tribal pendant. You can pick one up for like $20 online, but where's the pride in that? This way you will be able to say "I (state your name) made this with my own two hands! " But don't worry it'll be fun! I did mine over the course of a few weeks, just little here and there. Well worth it though.

Simple Circle Laser Cut Jewelry

I've seen many pieces of amazing laser cut jewelry, so I decided to take a stab at it. This is pretty basic, but still fun!

Necklace Shelves

I don't know about you, but my necklaces and bracelets usually end up in a tangled, horrible mess in my jewelery box. And then I never wear them, because I don't feel like untangling them.

A Minimalist's Paracord Necklace

The idea of this necklace is inspired by simple knot. Anyone can tie it, even if you have not ever worked with any knots, this is the knot you can begin with. It is amazingly simple.I am calling it a minimalist's necklace because of its simplicity and elegance in design.

Easy Quilling Necklace

Many times I wanted to wear a custom-made necklace which everyone would enjoy it. Now that the time has come. You can easily create yourself a colorful, unique, flashy medallion which shows a beautifully stitched ribbon. Good luck to prepare!

Laser-Cut Butterfly Necklace

I made this necklace for my girlfriend, using the laser cutter at TechShop, San Francisco. It was a really simple first project and, after one bad cut, I got a result I was happy with. The cedar has a lovely smell and a nice purple sheen, which doesn't come out so well in the picture.

Acrylic Jewelry

This 'instructable' is for creating jewelry using acrylic. It includes:. a list of materials and supplies . a brief explanation on how to easily and quickly use Adobe Illustrator to create fun shapes.

Make A Beautiful Beaded Necklace

When you have any free time, just do it!

Paracord Heart Necklace

For this 'ible I will be showing you how to make a heart necklace for someone you would like to give a nice gift to on Valentine's Day or a Birthday or whatever you could think of. I really hope you enjoy, if you do then please comment and subscribe! By the way, I hope you all enjoy the shamrock backdrop, thanks and enjoy !

Simple Necklace

I made the necklace and a bracelet.

Macaroni Necklace

This is a easy , pretty and cheap necklace. You can make it with minimum materials and maximum art. It's a simple jewel. You can use it in a party, with pride to your hand work necklace. It haven't range, It's for everyone.

Leather Wrapped Brass Jewelry

An internet browsing black hole led me to the Crescioni - a beautiful collection of leather wrapped brass jewelry inspired by the spirit of the American west. I love the mix of natural fibers with metal, and I've done various jewelry and leather projects so this collection inspired me to combine the two.

Grocery Bag Jewelry

Turn your old plastic grocery and shopping bags into custom made jewelry! User669 has taught us how to turn plastic bags into fabric and then into reusable shopping bags but this durable fabric can have many additional uses. I have used it to make jewelry as well as in a relief collage.

Glittery Raindrop Necklace

This Raindrop Necklace would be more glittering in the evening.And you can use the clasp of necklace as a switch to turn on and off the light.

Making A Cutout Coin Necklace

This tutorial will show you how to turn a coin into a very unique necklace by cutting out a specific part to emphasize it. The coin is drilled into so that you don't cut through the outer ring of the coin. There are also several "bars" attaching the main part of the cutout to the ring. These are here to give the coin support and are very important no matter what type of coin you're using. I suggest leaving the bars in places that already stick out from the main design, so as not to emphasize them being there.

Ring Necklace

A simple pendant made with soldered scrap copper and leather.More helpful soldering tips for this project here, in my jewelry soldering instructable.

Leather Chain Necklace

A really simple, soft necklace made out of leather. It takes a little while to cut out all the pieces, but it's mindless so you can easily do it while watching a movie or something. The rest just takes a couple minutes.