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Necklace Projects

Silver Tree Necklace

I made myself a necklace very similar to this a couple of years ago and have since then recieved so many comments on it that I thought it would be nice to share how I made it.Its very simple.

A Necklace With A Pendant

This is my first Instructable, so I figured that I should start simple. In this tutorial, many of the steps will have pictures to help explain how to recreate this necklace or one similar to it.

Paper Fan Necklace

Now, here is a way of turning old magazine pages into trendy jewelry.Flaunt them with style and create a great style statement. Here is a simple way of creating a nice necklace.

Bird Nest Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

This article is about a bird nest wire wrapped pendant necklace. The main part is making the bird nest wire wrapped pendant. Follow me to see how.

White Pearl Flower Necklace

Do you like handmade pearl necklaces? This Pandahall tutorial is about making a white pearl flower necklace for girls. Hope you love it.Pearls have been valued for thousands of years because of their luster and rarity. In this article, you can see a handmade pearl necklace for girls. The great combination of pearl beads and glass beads make this white pearl flower necklace delicate. The following contents are the detail steps of making such a pearl necklace.

Zip Necklace

Easiest zip necklace! Just do it now!

Origami Necklace

This is my second instructable and im gonna show you how to make a origami necklace.

Paracord Necklace- Four Strand Round Braid

A simple for making,just spend about ten minutes.

Halloween Light-Up Pipe Cleaner Necklace

Halloween is just as good an excuse to give gifts as birthdays or Christmas! Making holiday-themed gifts is always fun, especially on Halloween! You can make the prefect Halloween light-up necklace gift with only a few simple materials that will make this Halloween even more fun!

Flower Choker Necklace

Do you like flower choker necklace? In this simple Pandahall tutorial, I’ll show you how to DIY a flower choker necklace step by step.

Crystal Beaded Necklace With Matching Earrings

This is another crystal beaded necklace with matching earrings.Here I have used larger oblate crystal beads in combination with gold plated eye pins and gold plated "S" hooks for the necklace as well for the earrings.

Wine Cork Necklace

Make a necklace charm out of the cork from your favorite wine bottle.

A Necklace For Mom

This is a really sweet and simple project that's perfect for young children. The best part is it's really easy, quick, fun, and all you need are a few scraps of paper, scissors, a toothpick, some thread (or dental floss), a needle, and a glue stick. The beads are made from construction paper, and are surprisingly strong and beautiful!

Twisted Pearl Necklace

This is a fun and unique statement necklace that is relatively easy to make. I made it over the course of a few days but if you have a chunk of time to work, it shouldn't take you more than a couple hours. This is a good necklace to wear everyday or to a party, for a classic look with an edgy twist!

Stone Necklace

You may call me a nerd but I find some small stones and rocks extremely awesome. When I collected some stones off a beautiful beach I was inspired to make something fantastic out of them. I thought making them into necklaces would be the best way to show them off.

DIY Paracord Necklace

I had never seen a paracord necklace made this way so I just went to it and this is what I got. Its not terribly difficult and its pretty fun. It's a fun craft to make with the family too. I made my whole family them. Although it looks good, it can also be taken apart and used in a survival situation. I hope you enjoy it and I'd love some feedback!

Quote Necklace

For this necklace, you just spend your free time.

Laser Cut Layered Flower Necklace

For something so easily produced it has a lovely hand crafted feel and everything we used was recycled from old clothes that we tea stained to give a soft look.

Bow Tatted Necklace

This is the step by step instructions for my previous Instructable "Bow Tatted Necklace". I'm going to take the directions pretty slow so, if you are so inclined, the last step (step 10) will just be the abbreviated instructions.I work my knots and rings very tightly so results may vary.

DIY A Simple Royal Blue Beaded Necklace

This ocean style blue bead necklace is mainly made up of royal blue cat eye beads and tiny glass seed beads. All you need to do is just thread beads onto the wire. That’s so easy. Just follow me.
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