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Stainless Steel Jewelry Making

Steel HistorySteel is a hard and ductile, gray-colored metal made from iron and carbon. During ancient times, steel was used primarily for weapons, especially swords. The earliest artifact of steel was found in Anatolia (Asia Minor) and is believed to be around 4,000 years old! But steel production for weapons really took off in Sparta during 650 BC.Since the discovery of stainless steel (a corrosion-resistant alloyed steel), steel has broadened its field of use. Y

Metal Finishing for Jewelry

Metal Plating Alternatives to Gold and Silver Plate Jewelry metals are often plated with another metal to give it a certain color and increase its durability.Rhodiumis likely the most popular plating material. It is a silvery-white precious metal, too rare to use on its own. Rhodium plating is usually used on white gold and sometimes sterling silver, as it protects the metals from damage and discoloration. Black or colored rhodium is also used to decorate a piece or give it a diff

Types of Chain Jewelry

A chain is a strand of interlocking links, rings, discs, or beads, usually composed of metal. During their early times, chains were likely seen as a life-changing new technology, used as strong and practical alternatives to rope. Smaller chains were used for simple tasks, like pulling a bucket of water up from a well, where larger ones were used to casting anchors.It wasn't long before chains found their way into jewelry. Chain links can be made by hand, but most modern designs are manufacture

Silver Jewelry and Collections

Silver: The Star Metal Silver is a precious white metal which is highly conductive and malleable. Because of its softness and receptiveness to polish, silver was notably first used during ancient times to create tableware with intricate designs and a mirror-like shine. Then in 12th century Europe, people discovered that silver could be alloyed with other metals to create a more durable and useful material known today as sterling silver. Initially, sterling silver was used to make monetary co

Scott Kay Jewelry

Scott Kay Jewelry Design Philosophy Scott Kay's design philosophy is simple: "Never Compromise." As a designer, Scott Kay is on a mission to help people appreciate jewelry as an art form. He approaches every ring, necklace and bracelet design the same way he starts with a classic form and then adds design into it. The end result is always stunning.About Scott Kay JewelryTake one look at Scott Kay's designs and it's clear that he has a love for natural white metals. In fact, Scott Kay is credi

Zina Sterling Silver Jewelry

About Zina JewelryZina Sterling Silver jewelry is often described as versatile and eclectic, with a good dose of fun. Based in Beverly Hills, Zina Sherman, the daughter of Polish immigrants, has enjoyed success with her jewelry designs since 1984, and continues to produce her innovative creations today. Wearing a piece of Zina Silver jewelry is not just a style choice, it reflects a lifestyle. Whether it is a dressy or casual piece, a selection with or without gemstones, the energy and point o

Discover Which Metal is Right for You

When it comes to jewelry, choosing a metal is just as important as choosing a gemstone. You have to think about quality, affordability, durability, and yes, even color. And how about the finish do you like high gloss shine, intriguing texture, or maybe a smooth satin finish? Explore our articles and learn more about where metals come from and how they're made to discover which one is right for you!