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Metal Education

What is Base Metal?

You’ve probably heard of our wonderful base metal jewelry supplies, but do you know what they’re made of? Here’s a quick definition of base metal.


Platinum Purity Considered among the most pure and precious metals used in modern-day jewelry making, platinum has become synonymous with luxury and longevity. Because of its hardness and durability, pure platinum is often mixed with other metals to make it more malleable. The most common alloy metals paired with platinum are copper, palladium, rhodium, iridium, and titanium. Although some alloys may be billed as platinum by jewelry sellers, there are stringent requirements for what c

Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes Precious metals can be finished in particular ways to produce specialized looks. The finish helps accentuate details and the style of a piece of fine jewelry. Some of the most popular metal finishes include: High PolishAchieving a highly reflective gleam, this finish is the most popular and is perfect for fine jewelry and classy engagement rings. Satin or MatteCommonly used in contemporary jewelry pieces, this reduced-shine finish is best for drawing attention to diamonds and o


GOLD: Gold is themost popular metal for fine jewelry and adds a timeless, classic beauty to engagement rings and other jewelry. It is the most pliable natural metal. Pure gold is typically combined with other metals to create a harder, more durable alloy and to alter its color to create white, rose, or yellow shades. Although gold will never rust, gold jewelry requires periodic cleanings to remove surface dirt and restore the original gleam. We only only use 18K and 14K gold in our jewel

Gold Purity

There are various grades of gold purity, determined by the ratio of their alloy composition and rated by a karat system. Typical karat purities range from 10 karats to 24 karats (pure gold), with a wide variation of usage from country to country. In the United States, the most popular composition is 14 karat gold.

Selling Your Gold: What You Should Know Before You Sell

Everyone knows about the climbing gold prices lately. But if you have unwanted gold jewelry you'd like to sell, there a few things you should know. The number one rule is: go to someone you trust! With the amazing resources on the internet, you can research trusted jewelers, and of course, personal references are an excellent resource. Even with a trusted gold buyer, you should have some background information to help you und

Tungsten Education

Learn about tungsten and how to care for your palladium jewellery.

Silver Education

Learn why sterling silver is used for most jewellery and how to care for them.