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For the Home

Your home is your special place and it's important that you surround yourself with the things you love. The same is true for giving others that special housewarming gift, or wedding or baby present that they'll keep in a special place and cherish forever. We can help you sort through the clutter and guide you as you choose beautiful, quality gifts for the home that can meet any budget and occasion.

Celebrity Style Jewelry

On the red carpet, on stage, in film, even just strolling down the street, celebrities are caught sporting the most coveted jewelry designs. But you don't need a celebrity paycheck to replicate their style. Our fashion experts keep a watchful eye on the most popular celebrity styles to provide you with designs that create the same look. Browse our articles for ideas and inspiration to bring out your inner star.

Handmade Coin Finger Ring

Making a finger ring by yourself is more meaningful than buying an expensive one. Let's learn how to make coin finger ring right now! Materials and tools: half-dollar coin, 20 cent coin, a hammer, electric drill, polishing wheel, adhesive tape 1. Mark on the center of the coin.2. Pinch the coin, hammer the edge of it carefully and twirl it at the same time.3. 45 minutes later, stop until the acreage of the half-dollar coin is less than the 20 cents coin.4. Punch a hole on

Harps Or Trumpets

Gabriel sounds his horn, announcing his messages while choir after choir of white winged beings sing and strum harps. In the Book of Mormon, concourses of singing angels line the paths of heaven. Meanwhile, Hindu religious law says that angels sing to celebrate every instance where women are treated with respect and honor.In Judeo-Christian traditions, Sandalphon is known as heaven musical director and the patron of music for people on earth. In the Hadith, it is said that Moses knew what tim


Learn what to look for in a gemstone's clarity.


Learn what to look for in a quality-cut gemstone.


Learn why carat weight is not necessarily an accurate gauge for the gemstone size.


Learn what enhancements are accepted by the jewellery industry.


Learn about a gemstone's hue, tone, and saturation.

Tungsten Education

Learn about tungsten and how to care for your palladium jewellery.

Silver Education

Learn why sterling silver is used for most jewellery and how to care for them.

Choose Your Ring

Now that you've found your perfect match, it's time to find the perfect ring.

Choose Your Jeweller

We will help you to find your jeweller correctly.

Find Your Ring Size

We will help you to know your ring sizes easily.


Learn why earrings make the perfect gift.


A bracelet is one jewellery item she will see all the time, so she can appreciate it often.


The right necklace or pendant will add style to anything she wears.