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Stand Out with a Jagged-Edge Lapel Blazer

I like to think of a blazer’s lapel as a blank canvas — so much can be done with this particular area. With some simple cutting and folding, you can turn a basic blazer into an interesting statement piece. No one will believe that it’s a DIY project!

Add a Feminine Touch to a Plain Button Down Shirt with a Simple Sewing Trick

Contrary to what most may think, sewing doesn’t have to be scary…I promise! Knowing how to sew a single straight line can do wonders. Once you’ve mastered that, nothing will be safe from you and your sewing machine. You’ll want to sew everything onto everything. Even better: you can add a feminine spin to an oversized button down by adding a lace back panel. The method is quite basic, and only requires beginner sewing skills.

Create a Cozy Cardigan Cowl From an Old Sweater

If you’ve declared a Handmade Holiday this season, and you still have a few people left on your gift list, you can quickly and easily create this cozy cardigan cowl that one of your loved ones would be thrilled to open on Christmas morning.

How to Create a Modern Sleeveless Blazer

As the spring temperatures start to rise and you’re looking for something to wear that’s not too stuffy or hot, consider removing the sleeves from a blazer to create a versatile and modern look. A sleeveless blazer can give you the polished look of a suit for work, or it can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt for a more casual look.

How to Make a Suede Skirt With a Scalloped Hem

Autumn is the best time of the year for suede clothing. This lightweight leather is thick enough to keep you warm without the bulkiness. For a fun and flirty way to wear suede, create a DIY version of this $99 ASOS skirt with a scalloped hem. With this tutorial, you'll learn techniques and ideas for making it without ever touching a sewing machine.

DIY Jewelry: Evil Eye Ring

In the Middle East, the Evil Eye is called Nazar, and it appears with blue concentric circles. The Hamsa, prevalent in Jewish culture, depicts a hand with an Evil Eye in the palm. In Turkey it is pervasive and deeply symbolic in daily life, including being found on Turkish currency, hung from the necks of newborns and embedded into building foundations.In jewelry as in popular culture, the Evil Eye is thought to ward off negativity and protect the wearer from malice. Here’s a DIY jewelry project that lets you make your own:

DIY Giant Knit Mega Scarf

Oh my goodness. My obsession with giant knit blankets and poufs and pillows continues. There’s just something about those oversize stitches! The texture is pretty much irresistible — it demands to be touched and cozied up to.

Pearl Encrusted Deep V T-shirt DIY

To create a pearl deep V T-shirt is not too far off from those hideously bedazzled sweatshirts from the 80’s old ladies used to wear… right? But so much better.

DIY Cut-out T-shirt with Pearl Neck and Sleeves

If you want a more edgy look, a messy stitch that creates an X and even in an alternate color, may be a better option as well as swapping out the pearls for silver beads or even safety pins for a super fun look.

DIY Studded Flats

Studded stuff is so hot right now! My sisters and I decided to do our own studded flats. You will be amazed at how easy and cheap it is! It was so much fun and is a great activity for a girls night!

DIY Embellished Sweaters

I have been loving all the embellished sweaters this season. I decided to make myself And you will be amazed at how easy and fun it is. And they make great Christmas presents!

Turn A Jacket Into Skirt

Take something old and make it new again as a fun upcycled craft project! Would you want to have a try?

DIY Pearl E-embellished Jeans

I adore DIY this cool pearl embellished jeans, which is a ideal jewelry for this season.

DIY Evil Eye Ornament

Give a try for today's project of DIY Evil Eye Ornament. Do you like it?

Presents Birthday Bow

Are you ready for this project of Presents Birthday Bow?

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Get started for this project of Minnie Mouse Party Ideas. It's very useful and creative. Hope you like it!

Tied Ribbon Birthday Card

Are you ready for the project of Tied Ribbon Birthday Card? Hope you like it and give a try!

Evil Eye Bracelet Jewelry

Now evil eye jewelries are so popular with most friends. And this project we will share you the easiest ways of Evil Eye Bracelet Jewelry.

DIY Cargo Vest

DIY Cargo Vest is in Beads.How. Would you like to check it out?

DIY Sequined Cat Sweater

DIY Sequined Cat Sweater is in Beads.How. Would you like to DIY it for yourself?