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How to Make a Bead and Wire Cross

How to Make a Bead and Wire Cross. Crosses can be a deep religious symbol, and can really beautify the walls of a home. Luckily, they are also very easy to make. Follow these instructions to make a nice bead and wire cross.

How to Use Crimp Bead Cover?

crimp bead cover plays an important role in jewelry making especially in jewelry ending part. Now we will show you how to use these smart jewelry findings to finish your jewelry making perfectly.

Using Smart Beads with Pandora Bracelet Chain

NoteA smart bead is a large hole bead with a layer of silicone inside the hole. The silicone keeps the bead from moving along chain once it is strung. NoteWithout smart beads, the large hole beads will slide around on the chain (A).Use smart beads as stoppers to keep your large hole beads in place on Interchangeable Large Hole Bead Chain (B). Step 1Completely remove the end cap without the c

Usage of Pandora Bracelet Chain

Step 1Unscrew the end cap without the clasp attachment by rotating it counter clockwise. Step 2Completely remove the end cap and set it aside until later steps. Step 3String your large hole beads onto the chain. Step 4Screw the end cap back onto the chain by rotating it clockwise. Step 5Congratulations! You have successf

Cutting Chain Efficiently

Step 1Decide the length of your original section of chain by either measuring or counting the links of your chain. This piece of chain is 11 links long. Step 2String your cut section of chain onto a head pin or piece of wire. Step 3String your remaining chain onto the head pin or piece of wire. Step 4Line up the links and cut the chain to the same length as

Attaching an Ear Wire

Step 1Grasp one side of the loop of the ear wire with your chain nose pliers. Step 2Open the ear wire by moving one side towards you. Step 3Attach a pendant, charm, simple loop or wire wrapped loop to the ear wire. Step 4To close the loop, grasp the open side of the ear wire loop with your chain nose pliers. Step 5Move t

Using Split Ring Pliers

Step 1Grasp the pliers so the bent nose is at the top. Step 2Align the tip of the bent nose of the split ring pliers with the seam in the side of the split ring. Step 3Push the pliers down so the tip of the bent nose of the pliers slips between the rings. Step 4Slip the clasp into the opening between the rings created by the tip of the bent nose of the plie

Add a Charm to a Chain

Step 1Grasp the jump ring on either side of the opening with two pairs of chain nose pliers. Step 2Open the jump ring by moving one side towards you and the other side away from you. Step 3Hook a link of your chain into the open jump ring. Step 4Add your charm to the open jump ring. Step 5To close your jump ring, grasp t

Opening and Closing a Jump Ring

Step 1Begin with an open (unsoldered) jump ring. Step 2Grasp the jump ring on either side of the opening with two pairs of chain nose pliers. Or if you don't have two pairs of pliers, you can use one pair of pliers and your fingers. Step 3Close the jump ring by moving the sides together in a back and forth wiggle motion. Step 4Gently move the right side up

DIY Paper Beads

Today we will learn how to make economical paper beads. Look the picture of finished products. Materials and tools: magazines and colorized posters, scissors, pin, pen, ruler, colorful tape 1. Cut these magazines and posters into strips according to the following pictures that have been drawn.( Notice that the shape of beads are decided by the width and length of the strips, so you should master them appropriately.)2. Use the thick pin as axis to roll the tailored strips.3. Wrap t

DIY Useful and Simple Brush Pot

Product DetailsMaterials you need in making brush pot: Popsicle sticks, egg roll can, elastic and crod. At first, use two pieces of elastic to fix popsicle sticks on the egg roll can.Then,when finish fixing the popsicle sticks , decorate the brush pen by ting the cord you like.After two steps, the brush pen is finished. You can also put flowers in it to decorate your life.It is quite simple to make, right? Please don't hesitate to have a try!

Gluing on a Bail

make pendant with glue on bail and flat back cabochon

How to use Crimping Pliers to Crimp a Crimp Bead

How to use Crimping Pliers to 'Crimp' a Crimp Bead

How to Work with Seed Bead

There are many methods when using seed beads as follows.Find the size of the bead. Bead sizes are often marked on the package in millimeters or just a number. 2.Decide what you are going to use the beads for. Sketch a design of the work.3.Get some supplies. Seed bead needles are flexible and will help you work with the beads.4.Get stringing. If you are making a bracelet or necklace, for example, put a

Flower Bead

How to use Zap-A-Gap with Glue-In Charms

Materials:Rhinestone Glue-In Charms2.6mm rhinestonesscrap paperpaper towelStainless Steel TweezersZap-A-Gap GlueDirections:Step 1: First, get everything ready. Have your charms facing up with the spot for the flat back. Also have your flat backs facing color side up. If you're doing double sided charms (the angel wings and awareness ribbons) do one side first, let the glue dry and then do the other side. Step 2: Put the long tube on the end of your Zap-A-Gap. On