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Jewelry Pendant Making

Beaded Heart Pendant

I got my inspiration for this project on Pinterest. This is the pin that I'm talking about. This was the first time using these techniques: tracing an image with wire and adding beads to a wire base shape. I'm really glad with how my pendant turned out and I think the colour combination looks great! I really hope you like it too.

Lasercut Necklace Pendant

In this tutorial I will be covering how to make a basic wood pendant on the laser cutting machine.

Recycled Glass Pendant With Waterslide Decal Art

Turn ordinary window glass into a beautiful, eco-friendly amazing art glass pendant. This tutorial is aimed at Instructables members who have basic glass fusing knowlege, access to a glass kiln, and basic glass tools.

Wire-Wrap Dragon Pendant With Foil Wings

I love dragons and I love making things. I want to share how to make a metal dragon pendant with NO soldering, casting or hot work.

Sea Shell Pendants

My wife’s grandfather spent years collecting sea shells up and down the coast of Mexico. One day he gave my kids a box of those shells. This particular cowrie shell fell out of little hands and broke in half. So naturally, I made pendants。

Light-Up Posy Pendant

This instructable will show you how to make a crocheted flower pendant with a battery-powered LED center. It is a simple, quick project; the only skills it requires are basic crocheting and sewing.

Handmade Transparent Pendant With Moss Inside

I want to show you how to close beautiful memories inside pendant.Little thing from exceptional holidays or dried petals from a bouquet given to you by someone close to your heart- all these things you can change on lovely jewelry.

Eagle Feather Pendant

This little pendant was a super easy build, made all the easier since I was able to find all the parts in the scrap bin! If you have a small belt sander, a fine hand saw and some sandpaper, you can make this too.

DIY Faux "Gold- Dipped" Crystal And Druzy Charms For Jewelry

Here's an easy way to get a "gold-dipped" crystal or a druzy in a few easy steps. You can use raw crystals, tumbled stones or druzies for this project. Depending on the size of crystals, the finished products can be used as a pendant, earrings or even key chains.

Wirework Time Turner pendant

This instructable doesn't just explain how to make a time turner pendant, it explains an experiment. You could say I am showing you how I created my prototype, since that's basically what this version is. I've planned on making a finalised, improved version of this pendant as well.I hope you like it!

How To Create A Birds Nest Pendant

You do not have to use two different gauge wires I just think it gives it a little more realistic look. Let us make it now! A unique pendant for you.

How To Make Jewelry Using Cardboard And Superglue

In a nutshell: here we're going to try to make jewelry and stuff by building it with cardboard and superglue, sanding it down, and then varnishing it to strengthen and waterproof it.

Zip Tie Jewelry

One day I was bored and wanted to make something and the next best thing lying around were zip ties and with a little try and error I found a way to convert the ties into beautifull flower resembling shapes that can be made into broches and pendants. Just like the story of the ugly duckling.

Wire Wrapped Pendants

This is a guide of how to make your own pendants, fairly easily. It may take some practice, but it's really fun if you get good at it and it only takes a few minutes.

Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Tutorial

The symbolism of the tree of life is widespread throughout history, and is often depicted in religious, philosophical and mythological contexts. It also happens to be a popular jewelry accessory. There are many different versions of the tree of life pendant, and once you learn the basic steps you can easily add your own unique spin on it.

Simple Pendants

You can make gold, silver and copper pendants easily by yourself, if you follow this ible. The only difference is that these pendants are way lighter than the real ones! you can fold and shape them with your hands! This ible will show you how to make stylish origami leaf pendant in few easy steps.

Celtic Knot Pendant

The never-ending knot dates way back to the late Roman Empire. Probably even sooner. It can be found in several cultures within their art and architecture. I’m most familiar with it within the Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture. This pendant can be difficult to make but a couple well placed notches makes it possible.

Wire jewelry

My kids love making these bits of jewelry-- they often feature in treasure hunts or gifts for friends.

Bird’s Nest Pendant

I’ve seen a number of bird’s nest jewelry designs, but they’re usually a little flimsy for my taste. My design is very sturdy and has a good weight. I also really like that these little nests are always unique and can be customized with different metals and different "eggs". They make beautiful pendants – especially for moms.

Paracord Medallion Pendant

If you are a paracord or ropework enthusiast, then you will enjoy making this pendant.
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