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Jewelry Pendant Making

Easy Custom Necklace Pendants

Today’s project is a fast and easy one that can be personalized and customized in so many ways! Use old book pages, photos, or even scrapbook paper to create one-of-a-kind pendants and necklaces for yourself or for a friend!

How to Make Dyed Concrete Gemstone Pendants

Concrete is an easy to use, accessible material that can be set in moulds to create all sorts of fantastic shapes and details. It's also easy to dye with household materials. These bang-on-trend faceted pastel-hued pendants are made using white concrete and food colouring.

Friendship DIY Pendant Charms

Hello guys! Today I’m sharing how easy it is to make cute matching DIY pendant charms for you and your best friend or sister.

Silk Screened Clay Pendant

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a Silk Screen Pendant of your own!

Wire Wrap Pendant

Get started for this project of Wire Wrap Pendant now!

DIY Pom Pom Beanie

Welcome back all! Today I will share you with a super simple pom pom hat DIY I created. It's the perfect way to add a little pop of color to your winter wardrobe, and you can switch the poms out to match your mood.

Lace Feather Pendant

This pendant was inspired by one of our favorite natural shapes, feathers!

Wrapped Stone Pendant

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I have a piece to show you today that’s a little more advanced than the normal one-hour tutorials I share, but I had an idea over the weekend that I just had to run with.

Bloom Wire Wrapped Pendant

I had a lot of fun making today’s pendant. My wire wrapping is of course not flawless, but it was fun to combine elements to create an actual theme that’s meaningful to me. I used center-drilled beads, wire, and a stamped blank to create a floral scene.

Simple and Pearl Pendant

Get started for this project of Simple and Pearl Pendant now!

So Charming! How to Make Your Own Stamped Charms

Let's make this strand bracelet with the cute little charm now!

How to Make a Wire Bead Pendant

The inspiration for this simple, understated piece came from my monthly Blueberry Cove Bead box. It’s a monthly bead subscription service that’s a collection of themed beads, often including stone, glass, and ceramic beads, which is exactly what I’m into when it comes to beads. Each month, the box is a surprise until you open it up. Here’s my haul this month!

DIY Flower Garden Pendant

This pendant is a little different, so I’m sharing it separately. It’s still pretty basic, so even if you’re a beginning crafter it won’t be too challenging.

DIY Dimensional Magic Botanical Pendant

Here’s how I made this strand Dimensional Magic Botanical Pendant.

Sculpey Polymer Clay Pendant

Have you ever created something absolutely fantastic by accident? That is how I feel about this handmade jewelry piece. My original idea was to use the pendant as a stamp. I thought the shape would make a fantastic impression.

How To Make A Bead Pendant

In this tutorial I'm focusing on head pins which will give a loop at just one end. You can then use this loop to attach it to your chain or rope or keyring or earrings etc...

How To Make Triangular Pendant

These triangular pendants are one of my new favourite supplies and they are so easy to make. You can create them as subtle or as bold as you like depending on the wire colour and thickness.

How to Make a Shrink Plastic Geo Bunny Pendant

Easter doesn't have to be all about Easter egg hunts and eating enough chocolate to last the rest of the year. (Who am I kidding?) Although these are brilliant traditions, why not make yourself (or someone special) a little Easter present that will last more than a week (a day) in the form of this geometric bunny head pendant necklace.

How To Make Fabulously Chic Polymer Clay Pendants

If you like working with polymer clay you’re going to absolutely love this way of making jewelry pendants! It’s a fun and easy project and you only need a few supplies! A quick trip to your local craft store should do the trick. What is Polymer Clay? Polymer is generally used for the purpose of craft making and has a similar feel to your typical molding clay, except it has hardening capabilities. Polymer clays were first formulated as a possible replacement for Bakelite in 1939. Since then, Polymer Clay has been used in figurine making, jewelry making and for many other unique crafting purposes. Ready to get started? Let’s get to it then!

DIY Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of life jewelry is so popular with most friends. Now we will share you a project of tree of life pendant making.