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Jewelry Pendant Making

Woven Wire Pendant

I wanted to do something special just like I made my own bracelet for prom.I compiled a few ideas to create the unique design shown here.

Paracord Pendant

This pendant is really fun and easy to make. The process is almost like weaving a small circle, but it looks far more complex than it actually is. The knot is known as a Turk's Head Mat, and it forms a five-pointed star in the middle with five loops going around the outside. I didn't invent the knot; I just thought it would make a really cool pendant. And it did!

Multicoloured Pendant

In this instructable, I'm gonna show you how to make a multicoloured pendant.

Angel and Demon Wings Pendant

The design was a pair of wings, one representing "goodness" and the other "evil." They folded in half on top of the page to be marked and magnets on the back kept the wings closed.

DIY Butterfly Pendant

Ever since I've learned how to make swirls with wire it seems like I can't stop making more swirly jewelries. I've posted 2 swirly jewelry ibles- swirly wire rings and swirled-all-around wire ring and already made a list of 10 more swirly jewelries and I'll post them one-by-one.

DIY Dragonfly Pendant

This isn't one of the good looking wire dragonfly pendants! But it was my first attempt and really wanted to share the tutorial. They look more like butterflies, I realized that later. Try keeping the upper wings relatively larger than the bottom wings.

Celtic Butterfly Pendant

I really liked my design for the angel wing part and decided that connecting two of them would result in a lovely butterfly. Thus, I began the task of making the wings, connecting them, and marveling at the result. It was gorgeous enough to warrant its own separate project, so here it is!To see another butterfly pendant design, see this link. It functions as both pendant and bookmark!

Fun with Layering Pendants

Layering pendants is a fun and easy way to design jewelry.You can layer pendants from your stash, or from your personal jewelry wardrobe.This is a great activity to do on days when your creative muse has deserted yo

DIY Clay Pendant

What do you think of the Aztec Clay Pendants I made? They are super easy to make and such a fun design. Want to make some too?

DIY Bottle Cap Charms

This simple to make Halloween tree would be perfect as a table centerpiece or even used as a Halloween Classroom Party Idea.

Mixed Media Playing Card Drink Charms

This project is perfect for helping guests to identify their glasses. It’s super easy to make and maybe you could even make it an extra group activity one night and introduce your card playing friends to a little crafting fun too!

Polymer Clay Focal Pendant

Transform a focal pendant with a trendy ombre effect! Polymer clay makes it easy and the color choices are amazing.

Oven Bake Clay Domino Pendants

If you haven’t tried oven bake clay, or haven’t used it lately, here’s a simple and fun project that’s not only fun to make, but fun to wear! Making these pendants will pull you headlong into a new clay jewelry making obsession. Simple geometric shapes pop in a fun color, and a domino makes a sweet pendant.

Polymer Clay Faux Pewter Pendants

Today I want to share a fun polymer clay tutorial with you, that is great for all ages! The end result of your “playing” are these wonderfully rustic pendants that look like they are forged out of hammered pewter. Are you ready to get busy?

Easy DIY Butterfly Specimen Pendants

Today I am going to show you how to create a unique, wearable butterfly shadowbox. These are reminiscent of those specimen boxes you used to see in science class- but we will not be harming any butterflies in the making!

Personalized Glass Pendant with Faux Soldering

I just love personalized gifts. A handmade, personalized gift is even more meaningful, in my opinion. Even if you make it for yourself! I used a picture of my daughter to make a sweet glass pendant that I absolutely love to wear. You could easily change the picture to match any of your loves or interests.

Wire Wrapped Pendant DIY Tutorial

You will not be required to know anything that is not taught below.

DIY Dream Catcher Pendant

This tutorial show you detailed steps to weave thread onto the metal ring to form dream catcher, you can make on small rings to make pendant, or earrings, adding charms and beads as you wish.

Shrink Plastic Mason Jar Charms

Do you need an extra special personalized gift for someone for less than $10? I am here with three different variations of DIY shrink plastic mason jar gifts that are all under $10 each. So pick and choose which gift will suit your recipient, order your supplies from ConsumerCrafts, and get busy giving handmade this holiday season!