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Jewelry Pendant Making

Faeries Frost Sterling Wire Pendant

You can make this stunning and elegant snowflake pendant for next winter with beautiful sterling wire, pearls and crystal.

Zinc And Copper Pendant

This is what you get when you hammer air gun BB’s in to a penny and then polish off the copper to show the zinc.

Molten Glass And Porcelain Pendant

What makes these beautiful pendants extra special is a crystalline lake of glass in the center of each one. These pendants can be as varied as you want to make them by experimenting with size, shape, colors and type of glass. They are smooth and wonderful to the touch and make excellent gifts.

Dyed Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendant

Here are instructions for making a rustic wire wrapped pendant and then adding vibrant color with alcohol dyes. If this is a gift, plan ahead - you'll need time for the dyes and sealer to dry. And if you don't have much time, the necklace looks great with or without the added color!

Super Easy Beer Bottle Cap Stone Chip Pendant

I got my hands into some jewelry making. Long back I made this iBle as favorite because I loved it but later realized that getting those empty pendant or pendant covers was a real show stopper.

Wire "Origami" Crane Pendant

This instructable is pretty much what the title would suggest: I recreated the shape of the traditional origami crane in a wire pendant. By using a folded origami crane, I searched for the exact shapes and dimensions that make up an origami crane, which then quickly turned into sketching out ideas on how to make it.

Seed Bead Flower Pendant Necklace

In this Pandahall tutorial, I want to share a 2-hole seed bead flower pendant necklace with you. Follow me to see how to make this seed bead flower pendant necklace.

Music Score Pendant

Today we're gonna make a beautiful pendant using the art of Paper Quilling. We assume you have basic knowledge of paper quilling.

Hogwarts Houses Pendants

All it takes to make unique designs, is a piece of paper, a pencil, and putting the word unique out of your head for a while. You are already unique. You just need to be yourself.

DIY Easy Wire Pendants

In this instructable I will show you how to make all of these pendants as simply as possible. I tried to avoid unnecessary details and make the tutorials simple and easy.

Triforce Chainmaille Pendant

This is my first tutorial so it isn't the best but please bare with me.This pendant uses the helms weave and while it can be fiddly it is easy to pick up. Hope you like it!

DIY geometric necklace pendant

Make your own geometric pendant using polymer clay!

Swirled Wire Beaded Pendant

I recently got some new wire, and I couldn't wait to try to make something with it! I had been wanting to make a pendant in this style for quite a while now, but for some reason I never got it to look the way I wanted it to. The closest to a successful wire wrapped pendant I had got so far was this one: beaded heart pendant.

Simple Butterfly Pendant

I came up with the design for the butterfly a while ago when I was fiddling with some leftover copper wire from a physics project.

Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant

This pendant is made with a fused glass teardrop shaped piece, but you could also use a stone or other items of varying sizes and shapes.The following technique is easily adapted to suit your requirements.No expensive equipment required.

Simple Beaded Pendant

I am not expert in beading technique, so I always look for simple techniques for beading.Few days back I saw snowflake beading pattern on tube. I slightly modified it and made this pendant.

Tree Pendant

I had a perfect idea for a pendant, so I do it now. Do you want to make one?Let us begin!

Celtic Knot Elvish Pendant

As time went by, I found myself liking that pendant best of the four and regularly wearing it. So, I started sketching out different celtic knot designs.

Teardrop Pendant

The idea for this pendant started out completely different, as you will see in the next steps. It wasn't even anywhere near a teardrop shape at first. But, I'm really happy with how it turned out, I hope you'll like it as well!

Triple Swirl Wirework Pendant

I had a perfect idea for a pendant, so I drew it out. But, the further I got, the more fails I made. The complete story of this pendant can be found here.So, I started sketching again, taking a different turn this time. Luckily, this second attempt turned out just the way I wanted to.