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How it Works

Curved Lock clasp

Pressing the spring latch allows the curved hook to be inserted through the clasp eye. When released, the latch will close to provide added security.

Spring ring clasp

The spring ring is opened when the arm of the clasp is pulled backwards. The pressure of a tiny spring keeps the arm closed.

Omega backing

Designed for comfort, the "omega"-shaped lever holds the earring snugly in place with gentle pressure against the lobe.

Deployment buckle

To open the deployment buckle, gently lift the metal tab and extend the band for easy removal.

Hook Buckle

To open this three-part clasp, first lift the safety clasp, then lift the top edge of the clasp tab and slide the hook forward to release.

Folding clasp

To open this clasp, gently lift the folding clasp to unlock. When opened, the band extends for easy removal.

Bracelet clasp

To open this clasp, lift the top edge of the clasp tab, then slide the tab past the watch pin.

Rolo chain

Symmetrical links connect to form a continuous chain.

Latch backing

The hinged arm closes and snaps into the u-shape lock.

Hidden Watch clasp

To open this clasp, reach under the bracelet band and lift upwards. The band extends to allow for easy removal.

Wheat chain

Ovals and twisted ovals are linked and intertwined together to form an intricate chain.
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