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Holiday and Event Projects

DIY Friendship Bracelet Hand Chain

I love a good arm party, and goodness knows I have a sizable collection of golden rings, so anything that combines the two is more than okay in my book. I’ve been eyeing this BaubleBar hand chain and this hand lariat from Nordstrom for awhile, so I decided to try my hand at combining the hand chain silhouette with a colorful friendship bracelet for a sparkly, summery statement piece.

Thanksgiving Burlap Wreath

Welcome all to your home with a beautiful burlap wreath that is easy to make and looks incredible hanging on your front door!

Turkey Ribbon Sculpture

Use our super cute Turkey Ribbon Sculpture to create the cutest hair accessory or clip. These are absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving and the step-by-step instructions are perfect for everyone, even beginners

Thanksgiving Turkey Bow

This cute little turkey is so unique! We love the botton!

Easy Holiday Hair Bows

Our Crazy Loops Bow Tutorial is so easy! You can even use up scraps and make this bow for any holiday or season.

HOLIDAY DIY Wooden Painted Eggs

Warmer weather means Spring is right around the corner! Which means it’s time to start decorating eggs for Easter!

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Presents are purchased, gifts are DIY'd, and the only thing left to do is to wrap, wrap, wrap. Beautiful wrapping can be just as special as the gift itself - after all, it sets the deserved anticipation for the wonderful surprise waiting inside, doesn't it?

Cork Christmas Tree Hanging Decoration

If you like drinking wine, this project must be very suitable for you. Let's begin. Materials needed:Cork, nail polish, paint, thread, glue,scissors,etc.Prepare materials.Add corks together. Tie up the thread.Make some decoration.OK, this kind of cute Christmas tree hanging decoration is finished now. It is quite special and funny, right? Please have a try by yourself.