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Hair Project

Repurpose Jewelry Into Hair Accessories

Do you have a lot of costume jewelry you never wear? I do. A lot of it is very ugly, or out of style. I have a lot of earrings that are missing their mate, and a lot more earrings that are too heavy to wear, or make my ears turn green. Well, here is a quick and easy way to make hair accessories that are super cute out of your old jewelry.

Twinkly Tiara

A beautiful hair comb for bridals, do it now, and you will get happy.

Rosette Barrettes

A simple hair clip for making. It just spend you about ten minutes. Just do it now. You will get happy from this.

Wood Sprite Hairstyle And Jewelry

Are you in office and bored out of your mind? Or are you going out of your mind trying to figure out a wood sprite look? Well...here comes your paper clips to the rescue! it's so simple and you can change it to anyway you like!

Sugru Hair Clip

Our OLYS teen girls are fans of wearing barrettes in their hair, but they had a major problem of the clips always slipping out. So Sugru to the rescue! Let's try and flip those slippery clips around!

Wedding Hair Accessoire

I love making this flowers. This beautiful and unique flower is perfect for hair wedding accessoire and is on a budget!Also it can be used as a accessoire for clothes and etc.This flower is made with the japanese kanzashi technique. There are so many beautiful designs that can be created with this technique.

Tsumami Kanzashi Flower Hair Clip

I have recently discovered these beautiful folded flowers, and I absolutely cannot stop making them. Tsumami Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers, made from small squares of silk, that are typically worn by women as hair ornaments in traditional hairstyles.

Fabric Flower Hair Clip

Real cute fabric flowers made from felt.

Cute Hair Clip

Hi, today I am going to make this cute hair clip.

Felt Spider Hair Clip

Here's another Halloween hair clip! Hey, I bought a 30 pack of snap clips at Wal-Mart - I gotta use 'em all, right?! Alrighty then! Okay, so here we go with another tute!

Ribbon Hair Clip

These lovely hair clips are easy and fun to make. You can make any color you want and wear it anywhere you want.

Make Mini Korker Hair Bow

When making 3.5" or larger korker bows, it's easy to just tie the korkers together using a korker box. This method is not suitable for mini korkers though--the korker pieces will run all over the place.In this tutorial, we will show you how to make full mini korker hair bows as shown in the title image.

Button Flower Clip

Do you know how much it cost me to make these? LESS THAN a dollar ladies. I love cute little girlie things but seriously a lot of little girl things like this are so over priced at the mall when you can make these quick and easy and in expensive! Now let's make some cute little clippies ladies!

Cute Diy Hair Clip

I got bored and made this. To my surpeise, I get happy from it.

The Painters Hat Elegant And Vintage Hair Accessory

This a pretty vintage style hair accessory its easy and almost costless the materiel was given to me as scraps and left overs form my sisters they know I love to recycle or reuse and not wast or throw any thing.

Replacing Elastic On Ball Hair Ties

I love these hair ties and use them all the time on my pony tail. I love how easy they are to put on and take off. I used to go through them pretty quickly, as they wear out after a week or two of use.

How To Make Satin Ribbon Hair Flowers

Don't throw away those satin double ribbon scraps. Turn them into pretty hair flowers.

Blue Flowers Hair Comb

Today I had free time to make a new tutorials, this hair comb is simple, easy to make and that look a little bit pretty, you also can turn it into earrings, let's make it for beautiful day !

Renew A Hair Clip

Tt is a very easy way to renew a clip and make it so beautiful. I have painted the clip with glittery nail polish and give it an elegant look. hope you enjoy it.

DIY Floral Hair Clip Accessories

This is a guide for making really easy and quick hair accessories. You can also make them with a lot of other things, not just flowers. I had these lying around, so I used them.
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