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Hair Project

DIY Cloth Headband

Get started now and hope you happy crafting!

DIY Jeweled Headband (and necklace)

This project is very interesting and creative. It can be as headband or necklace. Hope you like it!

DIY Jeweled (Button) Headband

Hope you will like this project and get started now!

Feather Hair Accessories

Be sure to click “read more” below to see the full tutorial!

DIY Clay Floral Headband

Try for this project for yourself now!

Bow Hair Clip

One of my very first DIY tutorials was this plaid bow-tie. Today, I decided to do a quick, no-sew hair bow. The result was a precious bow in half the time!

DIY Spike Hair Tie

I had some leftover spikes from this tutorial, so I decided to add a bit of edge to some hair ties. Hopefully this makes them harder to lose!

DIY Studded Headband

My hair accessories were definitely in need of some updating, and what better way than with a studded headband? Now my messy buns can at least have some edge!

Simple Rosette Hair Pins

And this month’s theme is: Spring. Bring it on, baby. We could use some Spring in our lives.

DIY Fabric Push Pins

Looking for a fun, small DIY gift – how about these scrappy fabric push pins! There are quite a few steps to this weekend’s project but it is so worth it, because they are just so cute. Lot’s of ways you could use them in your wedding.

‘Poppy Mallow Bobbies’

Try for this proejct of ‘Poppy Mallow Bobbies’ now!

Upcycled Earrings Into Hair Clip

Take something old and make it new again as a fun upcycled craft project! Would you want to have a try?

How To Make A Flower Crown

Whether you have an upcoming party or wedding to attend, or you just want to wear flowers in your hair while hanging around the house, a flower crown is the perfect way to add a little fun to your outfit!

DIY Rhinestone Hair Clips

If you're looking to add some sparkle to your hairdo for a special Valentine's date, or just want to make your girlfriends some bling for Galentine's day, these diy rhinestone hair clips are sure to do the trick. Plus you'll be done in under ten minutes!

Shooting Star Hair Clip

DIY this Shooting Star Hair Clip for yourself now!

DIY Painted Paper Flower Headbands

These headbands attached flowers in different sizes and added a few hanging ribbons to make them more interesting. I'm in love with the final product! They'll definitely be making an appearance at our Easter party.

DIY Paper Flower Party Hats

Today we are sharing a Giant Paper Flower Party Hat! These are perfect for a spring or summer party. Surprise all your friends with a big and bold statement! It's been a few years since I introduced my first party hat tutorial, this party hat is based off that template.

Simple Brooch to Headband

Today’s project is a nice simple one – just like gluing a cabochon, only bigger! I’ve been buried under snow for a month here, so I have to admit – I’m thinking spring. So a nice, spring-inspired headband seemed like a cheerful thing to work on. :)

Little Hair Pins with Polymer Clay

You can make your own shapes by using a bit of polymer clay! I thought a pair of cute little bows would make for great hair pins – what do you think?

DIY Spike Headband

This one does double duty as a headband and a little decoration for my sockbun. It's a statement piece that can be made in minutes.