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Hair Project

DIY Wire Wrapped Rainbow Headband

I also happen to be obsessed with headbands, and wear them regularly. I have a few that are my go-to bands, but none that are really bright and colorful.

Floral Headband

Try for this projcet now!

DIY Rhinestone-Studded Hair Accessories

Some days, you want something more glamorous for your hair than a plain old bobby pin. For those times, you can make these easy rhinestone-studded DIY hair accessories. This was really simple to make, and is also something that would make a great gift!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Rose Hair Ties

My niece made me a rose pipe cleaner ring for Mother’s Day and I thought it was such a cute craft, I had to make some for myself. Instead of making it into a ring, I decided to wrap the roses around hair ties to create adorable hair accessories! These would make the cutest favors for a birthday party, or you could even tie them around the top of a gift bag to add a little something extra.

Rhinestone Studded Bobby Pins

I am always obsessed with hair products and accessories because I have a lot of curly hair. I am always looking for the next awesome thing to tame this ‘situation.’ Enter the idea for these sparkly bobby pins! You can customize these for your little girl or yourself. Everyone deserves some bling. Let’s get started!

Make a Knotted Yarn DIY Headband

This DIY headband is quite literally a five minute craft, not including drying time. The knot may look intricate, but it’s astonishingly simple to do. Here’s how to make a looped yarn DIY headband.

Washi Tape Hair Pins

There are some projects that are so complicated that they take weeks and months to complete (Hello, Plastic Canvas Robot!). These washi tape hair pins are definitely not that kind of project. They come together in a matter of minutes and then you just leave them to dry for a few hours. Does it get any easier?!

Match Headband

Headbands are a sweet way to dress up an ensemble and tame fly-aways. In fact, they’re my favorite way to accessorize! I’m constantly looking for new headband ideas so I can make one to match every outfit. With this cool headband printable, now you and your child can mix and match your own designs

Good Lucky Charms Barrettes

Are you itching to use a laser cutter, but first need to learn how to create your own digital designs?

Simple Springtime Butterfly Hair Clips

Springtime is such a lovely time. The flowers are starting to show themselves, birds are singing, and before you know it – butterflies will start to flutter around the garden. But until then, we can wear them in our hair.

How To Make a Hair Bow

It only took a few minutes to create this fun little bow and it will match my daughter’s Easter outfit perfectly! And it is so cute…

DIY Hanging Chain Headbands

Try for this projcet of DIY Hanging Chain Headbands now!

DIY Big Chiffon Flower Brooch or Hair Clip

Try for this project now!

Mirror Headband

Check out this project and making this mirror headband now!

Making Beautiful Hair Comb

Here is a picture of sharing you how to make this easy beautiful hair comb.

Quartz Barrette

Hope you will like this project of Quartz Barrette.

Hair Bow

Here we will share you how to DIY this Leather Hair Bow.

Beaded Hair Elastics DIY

DIY tutorial showing how to make your own crocheted, beaded hair elastics.

DIY Pretty Little Hair Bow

Here we will share you a easy way of how to DIY Pretty Little Hair Bow.

DIY Studded Headband

Do you love the look of studs? Well, I have two project ideas using studs to make cool DIY headbands for you and your tween. The DIY “tween” studded headbands are perfect if you have a fussy tween that thinks she has grown out of the “cutesy stage.” They have just enough of a grown up look and bright colors to satisfy them, and the “Mom” studded headband has a nice polished and sophisticated look to it. Here’s how to make them…