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Hair Project

Knitted Rose Hair Pins

Make yourself some cute and easy rose hair pins using leftovers!

Kandi Hair Bow

If you have any free time, you can try do this. Enjoy it!

Pink Snowflake Hair Clip

A pink felt snowflake hair clip turns out that beautiful snowflakes are not necessarily white. It’s a little complicated to describe the steps, but you can easily get the hang of how to make it with the help of the pictures.

Perler Bead Heart Hair Pins

Have you ever made hair barrettes from Perler beads? I made these two! Soooo adorable, right? You can make this for your little girls for the coming Christmas as small gifts.

Tree Hair Clip

Here's a cute Christmas tree hair clip for your sweetheart!

Make Orange Flower Hair Clip

Beaded hair clip for autumn! I use orange seed beads, white pearl and copper wire to DIY flower hair clips, it is so easy and you can make one for your girls, so follow me to learn how to make flower hair clip.

Beaded Hair Pin

This is a fairly simple Instructable on making a cute hair pin. You can use the beading technique here to make other cute accessories. The beads used don't need to be the same as the ones I used - as long as they have big enough openings for your wire. The list of materials is available in the next step. Feel free to ask any questions.

How To Tie A Dragon Fly Hair Barrette

This is a series of loose and tight cobra knots. I did not include the tutorial for the cobra. You can either look that up or try and figure it out from the pics here.

Hair Pin DIY

Here is a simply and interesting way to do small accessory by using hair pin.

DIY Grecian Headband

This is a very cute simple project with lots of sun, colours, candies and laughs.They are so easy to make, perfect to wear in a summer party, as a goodie bag present or to make matching ones for you and daughter/sister/mother or best friend. Have fun making these!

DIY Flower Hair Piece

I love wearing flowers in my hair and I hate paying $40 for a beautiful one. So I came up with this DIY that I am sharing with you today… so go pick out your favorite fake flower, grab a needle and get started! Wouldn’t this one below make a darling ‘something blue’?

Stylish Bobby Pins

These cute little hair pins are VERY EASY and inexpensive to make! Oh and very quick to put together.

DIY Floral Glitter Crown

For your supplies, you’ll need some inexpensive floral stems from places like Ikea, Michael’s, even the Dollar Store. You’ll also need some plain headbands, a hot glue gun and heavy duty scissors or wire cutters to cut through the floral stems.

DIY Seeing Stars Hair Clip

Try for this project now!

DIY Jeweled Rosette Headband

If you are planning a wedding you can get together with your bridesmaids and make these rosette headbands yourselves. You only need a few materials:

Easy DIY Cupcake Hair Clips

I love these felt cupcake stickers. They are so cute and easy to use to ornament anything. This tutorial will show you how to make hair clips out of them in less than ten minutes!

Quick And Simple Braided Headband

Need a quick idea for a summertime hairstyle? How about just adding a DIY braided headband to your current look?! This will take you all of 10 minutes to make, and it’s so fun to wear!

DIY Button Bobby Pins

Make your bobby pins beautiful with colored buttons!

DIY Zipper Headbands

Make these adorable DIY zipper headbands as a quirky and fun fashion accessory! You can even stack them – wear more than one at once – just like with the zipper bracelets I shared not long ago.

DIY Wire Wrapped Headband Tutorial

I love an elegant wire wrapped headband that looks like it was taken right out of my jewelry box!