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Hair Project

DIY Pearl Bow

You will need:Pearls (small ones for the bow, and 1 a little larger for the center of the bow)WireJewelry pliersHair clipGlue and hot glue gun 1. Insert your pearls. 2. Make your loop. Then twist your wire to secure the loop. 3. Next, add more pearls to the wire to create the next loop. Wrap the wire around the center to secure the bow. 4. Add the larger pearl to the center by insert the 2 ends of the wires through the pearls.5. Cut off the ends. 6. Glue to a barrette and you're

DIY Ribbon Bow Beak Clip

What you will need:RibbonBeak clipHot glue gun and hot glueScissors 1. Measure how large you want your bow to be. Cut it long enough to cover your hair clip. 2. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon. One long piece for the bow and one short piece for the center of the bow. Using the long piece of ribbon, fold the two ends to meet in the middle of the loop. 3. Then pinch the center to create the bow. Next, using the small piece of ribbon, wrap it around the center of the bow. Then use glue to secu

DIY Tulle and Ribbon Hair Snap Clip

What you will need:ribbonstullechair clipcandlebeadsneedlehreadscissorsfeltfabric glue Step 1: Cut 1 long piece of ribbon and 1 long piece of tulle, both of equal length. However, the width of the tulle should double the size of the ribbon.Step 2: Align the ribbon onto the tulle and sew. Step 3: As you sew, create overlapping pleats as shown in the picture. Step 4: Create pleats until you've reach the end of the fabric. Step 5: Once you've reach the end, carefully burn th

DIY Flower Hair Snap Clip

Materialsribbonsbeadschair clipsthreadneedlescissorsfabric glueStep 1: Prepare the supplies: ribbon, scissors, needle, beads, hairpin Step 2: Cut a piece of ribbon 18 inches long. Step 3: Fold in half and sew the ends together as shown. Step 4: Open up the circle and sew on the inner border. Step 5: Tightly draw the ribbon close together to form the flower. Step 6: Glue some beads. Step 7: Grab your hair clips. Step 8: Use a glue gun to glue the flowers to the hair clips.

Lace Hair Bow

Supplies:RIBBON (for each bow):1pc of 1 Solid grosgrain ribbon, long about 141pc of 5/8 swiss dot grosgrain ribbon, long about 14White Lace Ribbon’wide 5/8Ý, long about 7Clip ¡Both alligator or French Barrette as you want. I would recommend using a 1 3/4 alligator or small French Barrette. Step 1: Gule the 5/8 swiss ribbon on 1 grosgrain ribbon with double faced adhesive.Step2: Make a pinwheel bow with the double layered ribbon.Step3: Make a tie bow with the lace ribbon.S

DIY Crochet Flower Hair Clip

What you need:yarnccrochet hookscissorshair clipfabric gluefeltbeadsInstructions:Tips:1. When you've completed crocheting the flower, cut out a smal round felt. Glue it to the back of the flower. Then glue your hair clip to it.2. Then using fabric glue, add a nice pearl to the center of the flower.

Fabric Bow Barrette

Suppliesfabricbeadsbarrettefabric gluescissorsthreadneedleInstructions:1. For the 2 bows, cut out 2 rectangular pieces of fabric. Fold in half, then stitch the perimeter.2. Next, stitch the middle and pull the thread to create folds in the middle of the bow.3. Next, cut out 2 smaller pieces of fabric. Fold the 2 sides in to meet in the middle of the fabric. Then wrap over the middle of the bow and stitch to secure.4. Glue beads to the center.5. Add beads on both sides o

DIY Round Dot Ribbon Hair Pin

Supplies:ribbonchair pinfabric gluescissorsthreadneedlebuttonInstructions:1. Gather your materials. Cut out 5 strands of ribbon.2. Fold each strand in half and sew.3. Do the same for all 5 strands. Then sew to connect all 5 strands together.4. Pull the thread to bring in the center of the flower.5. Glue a button to the center of the flower.6. Glue the flower onto a hair pin.

DIY Hair Barrette


DIY Hair Bow Elastic

MaterialsScissorsA rectangular piece of clothNeedle and threadHair elastic Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric scraps into a long rectangle. Fold the 2 sides inward and apply glue to hold down the sides.Step 2: Fold into a bow. Step 3: Stitch the middle. Step 4: Cut a small piece of fabric, fold in the 2 sides and wrap it around the center of the bow. Glue the bow to the hair clip. And you're done!

DIY Easy Beak Clips

Materials3/8 in ribbonsbeak clipsQuick Hold gluescissorsno-slip kitchen drawer liner1. Place the flat side of the hair clip on the ribbon. Leave some extra ribbon hanging from the tip. 2. Use Quick Hold glue and with a toothpick, apply some glue to the tip of the ribbon. 3. Then fold the tip over to the inside of the hair clip. Press with your fingers to apply pressure on the ribbon so it can stick to the metal. 4. Then lift up the ribbon and apply glue on the metal. Then c

Turn Hair Elastic Into Headband

Materials- Headband- Felt flowers hair elastic- Glue- Scissors Step 1. Separate the felt flowers from the elastic.Step 2. Apply glue to the bottom of the flower and attach it to the headband by pressing it down firmly. Start from the middle of the headband to make sure the flowers will be glued symmetrically.

How To Make Hair Bows

1. Supplies needed: fabric, scissors, a needle and thread. You can experiment with different sizes of fabric, but use the above photo as a guide for proportions as you get started! 2. fold two outer edges of your fabric down. 3-4. fold the outer edges in and hold in place with one finger 5. scrunch the center in to create a bow shape. 6. stitch the center of your bow with embroidery thread. make several stitches so that all the layers are secure. 7. tri-fold a small strip of fabric. 8.

DIY Clay Floral Headband

Materials:-Glu6 Original-Glu6 Craft Paste- Headband- Ruler- Clay- Xactor Knife- Small Paintbrush 1. To make the rose, roll out a small ball of clay to about a radius of 1/4″. Roll the ball into a cone shape measuring approximately 1/2″. 2. Flatten the tip of the cone and roll to create the center of the rose. 3. Roll out two more small balls with a radius of 1/4″. Flatten one half of the ball to create a single petal as shown below. 4. Attach the petal to the center

DIY Lace Hair Pin

Materials & Tools:4-6 squares of silk fabric that are from 2 ( using silk organza and silk chiffon)Assorted beadsAssorted piece of lace (preferably with light beading)Bobby pinScissorsNeedle & thread Step 1: Cut the silk squares in to rounded shapes. These do not have to be perfect circles. A few wobbles and jagged edges are a good thing.Step 2: Pull with on the edges of the cut silk using your fingers to fray the edges.Step 3: Continue fraying your silk rounds until all are ni

DIY Hair Combs

Supllies:1. Scrap Fabric2. Double sided ribbon3. Needle & thread4. Comb or clip5. Scissors 1. Cut 5 strips of fabric. 2. Hand-stitch fabric strip length-wise (at 1/2 inch intervals).3. Hold fabric at one end and cinch, turning it into a circle.4. Stitch opposite ends together & tie a double knot to keep circle intact.Be sure to Repeat these steps with 3 more strips of fabric. 5. Take last remaining strip and tie it into a knot. 6. Stack the 4 fabric circles (biggest circle o

Flower Pin

You will need:8 x 10mm acrylic offset lentils in each of the following colours: red, yellow, orange, pink and purple0.6mm silver plated wire1.2mm silver plated wireRound nose pliers and wire cutters. Hammer and block if you have one.1. With a 10cm length of 0.6mm wire, thread one lentil and bend the wire down on both sides. The short end of the wire needs to be at the front of the lentil. 2. Thread one lentil onto the long length of wire so that the lentil is pointing downwards at about f