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Hair Project

Vintage-Inspired Beaded Hair Clip

This beaded hair clip is easy to make and looks unique and pretty.It is vintage-inspired and not something you'll see people wearing everyday. I haven't made many things out of beads before - but I really like how this turned out and it's a pretty simple project.

Make Beaded Hair Sticks Out Of Aluminum Wire

This DIY beaded hair stick is mainly made up of aluminum wires and seed beads. Its structure is very simple. I use aluminum wires to wrap its main frame. The several seed beads add a touch of sparkly. Now, come with me to learn how to make beaded hair sticks!

Three-Hitch Mat Hair Ornament

This instructable aims to show you how to make a nice hair ornament by tying a three-hitch mat. Complete it with a chopstick, or a handcarved stick, to complete the ensemble.

Curly Hair Bows

Save yourself some money buying those boutique bows and make them at home yourself. They're easy! I promise!

Valentine Heart Hair Clips

I do a lot of hand sewing these days. Since Valentine's day is upon us I decided to get busy on sewing some heart themed hair stuff.

Make Your Own Hair Sticks

I needed some hair sticks for my wedding and couldn't find anything I really liked so I decided to make my own.

DIY Hair Clip

A simple hair clip for making, and you can do it.

DIY Hair Bow

How to make a easy super cute hair bow!

Make Your Own Button Barrettes

This tutorial is an easy way to make hair accessories.It takes no more than 5-8 minutes to make one!If you are a crafter, I'm sure you have all the supplies you'll need already!

Simple Satin Bows

Some fashion hair clip, you will love them. Let us make them.

Embellished Bobby Pins

I am obsessed with new fashion accessories which are unique, in this i'able i will show you how to make colored bobby pins to match your outfit. hope you enjoy.

Felt Hair Barrette

Sometimes it is great to have just a dash of color in your hairstyle. I am a big fan of barrettes and I wanted to try something that would give it a little extra dash of fun. Here is a great way I found to create a felt covered barrette to add a little more color to my hairdo.

DIY 4th Of July Hair Pins

Hi everyone! I wanted to share another cute DIY hair pin with you! I already have been wearing these non-stop! I love how they turned out and I hope you do too!

DIY Ribbon Flower Hair Clip

Making simple ribbon flower hair clips may be a piece of cake for you now. If you want to scale new heights, you must try this distinctive ribbon flower hair clip with beads.

Bobby Pin Hair Bow

They are easily customizable once you know the process creating potentially endless possibilities! They're a great summer accessory that add just a bit more cute to any outfit!

Metal Hair Pin

Dispite not really working with craft wire all that much I tried my hand at making a metal wire hair pin.

Lily Hair Clips

A quick effective paper folding project. These make great unique hair decorations and can be made in colours to match particular outfits. Especially great for parties and weddings.

DIY Hair Tie Charm Bracelet

Handmade charm bracelet made using chain, and a stretchy hair tie.

Flower Hair Clip

Hey! You can make a fabric flower hair clip!

Button Hair Pin

I have recently acquired a large container of buttons. There are many things that I am learning to use these buttons for and one craft I have always wanted to try is to decorate a hair barrette with buttons. I like having a little extra color and style to my barrette and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try something out.