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Stacked and Layered Jewelry Look: Here's How

One of our favorite looks is stacked and layered jewelry.Layering clothing is simple. Add a cardigan to a cute shell, a jacket over a blouse, etc. But how do you stack and layer jewelry without looking overdone?When layering jewelry, you want to complete your ensemble, not draw attention away from your outfit.1. Wear amulti-strand necklaceandbracelet.2. Layer a fewbeaded necklacesof coordinating colors. You can even twist them together.3. Pair along bea

Work and Business Fashion Tips

We all want to look polished, professional and feel our best during any 9-5 situation. However, business doesn't have to mean boring. Your personality can still shine through while dressing for success!What to Wear to the Job InterviewThe key to acing an interview is confidence. And how can you feel confident if you're not dressed to impress? Dressing professionally, yet fashionably will make you feel amazing. As for accessories, why not try tailored, refined classics with a twist. Layer cla

Blush-Toned Jewelry is Pretty and Romantic

Pink morganite,pink topaz, androse goldare feminine beauties with graceful appeal that perfectly combines romance and style.A blush tone fave is pink morganite. Like most pretty-in-pink gemstones, it is believed to inspire feelings of love, peace and tenderness...not to mention add a sophisticated, elegant and enchanting touch to any day or evening attire.Pair a dreamy blushring,necklaceorearringswith khakis and a button-down, jeans and a t-sh

Gemstone Engagement Rings Are A Colorful Choice

From the red carpet to the Royal Family,gemstone engagement ringsare making a huge impact. The jewel tone color spectrum reflects a rainbow of dazzling hues.Brilliant Blue: Is there anything more beautiful than a midnightblue sapphiresurrounded by glittering diamonds? After the diamond, the blue gemstone is one of the most popular of all colored engagement stones. The sapphire engagement ring soared to new heights when Princess Kate was given Princess Diana's 18 carat

Monogram Jewelry Buying Guide

What better way to individualize your look than with a piece of monogram jewelry? Though traditionally "monogram" indicates a particular lettering style, it is often used as a general term for anything that can be personalized with a name, word, or initial. Sometimes, people will monogram their own name or initial, or one of a special loved one. Others may like to feature a certain word that brings inspiration or hope. Monogram jewelry can make a thoughtful present for any occasion! Giving a p

Retro Chic Jewelry

When Hollywood's leading ladies of the 1950s like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly summered on the island of Capri, style never took a vacation.You too can celebrate signature retro chic looks of 1950s Hollywood by adding an elegant dose of color to your summer ensembles.The collection ofturquoise,coraland classicgoldis relaxed but polished.Beautifully accessorize your look with an eye-catchingtorsade necklace,turquoise drop earrings&n

Cameo Jewelry Tells A Story

One of the things we love the most about vintage jewelry is the exquisite attention to detail in many of the pieces.Cameosare an example of that exactness and steady-handed precision. They often depict the profile of a person or multiple people. Sometimes,landscapesare depicted on cameos. Althoughcameo pin pendantsare by far the most popular types, cameos are also found on Estate items such asbracelets,ringsandearrings.We like to think

Make Citrine Fit Your Style

Queen Victoria, Kate Middleton, and Elizabeth Taylor all made citrine a part of their day-to-day style, and you can too. Even though citrine is a colored gemstone, it is quite versatile and can work with anything from trendy and casual, to classic and formal. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporatecitrine jewelryinto your everyday look: Brighten your Appearance If you are not a big fan of vibrant color, citrine jewelry can be a good choice to brighten up your wardrobe. I

Tassel Jewelry: A Dramatic Look

We are fascinated with fringe! The tassel's long and linear qualities are sure to add drama and sophistication to any look. Tassels are fun pieces that move fluidly along with you, serving as your luxurious and feminine companions. The domes atop each tassel add just the right touch of shine and sparkle, with a wide variety of metals and stones to choose from. The rich strands let the tassels do all the talking, accentuating your beauty in an unexpected way. Tassels have been used and worn in

Make Peridot Work for You

Peridot is treasured for its lush green hue. Ranging from a pale yellowish green to a deep olive, our peridot jewelry will bring color and vibrancy to your life. If you love peridot, but are intimidated by its liveliness, follow these tips to make this gemstone work with your style:Energize Your WardrobeWith a little peridot jewelry, you can bring an outfit from drab to fab! If you have a lot of neutral-colored attire, such as white, beige, black, or navy, a touch of peridot will add vibranc

Shell Jewelry

Shell: the canvas of cameosShell has been valued since prehistoric times by civilizations all around the world. Shell jewelry been uncovered in excavations everywhere from Europe to China to Egypt to New Mexico. Early cultures used shells for tools, weapons, personal adornment, and even currency. Today, many types of shell are used in jewelry designs, including abalone, paua and mother-of-pearl, which are described separately on this site. The term "shell" is most often used to describe our

Pearls Are the Elegant Birthstone for June

Happy birthday to all of our friends born in June! You'll be celebrating with A-listers, including Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Courtney Cox and Nicole Kidman. June's birthstone is the always-elegantpearl. Besides the diamond, no gem has enchanted us more than the pearl. Since they can be worn with anything and come in every price range, pearls are the most versatile gems to have in your jewelry box. From traditional to trendy, the styles of pearls are endless.Fun Facts

Cold Weather Jewelry Tips

Welcome in the winter months with jewels that sparkle with an icy appeal. Our favorite part of dressing for chilly days is accessorizing with gorgeous jewelry! Here are a few of our best cold-weather tips: Of course, white diamonds are the first stones that come to mind when you think of winter jewelry. We have every kind of whitediamond jewelryimaginable including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Plus, you'll find jewelry sets withCZ stonesfor a super affor


It is believed that necklaces have been worn since the Paleolithic and Neolithic time periods, originally composed of shells, bones, and teeth. Though it isn't known what the original purpose of necklaces were then, today they are used for both fashionable ornamentation and religious practice.StylesIn basic terms, all necklaces fit into the following categories: They are either sized long (20" or greater), medium (between 16" and

Easy Ways to Change Your Look

Want to get the most out of your jewelry? Versatile jewelry provides an expansion of style options without costing too much or taking up too much space. They make the perfect travel accessories and allow you to put your own personal touch on the look. Here are some ideas for how to get multiple looks from a single necklace: Adjustable Chains Adjustable chains open up a variety of sizing choices, from 24" to choker, using a sliding adjuster to tailor the length. And they can be paired with

Chandelier Earrings Get You Red-Carpet Ready

When it comes to the red carpet, jewels create just as much buzz as the frock.Swing earringslikechandeliersattract lots of attention and celebrities love them for their rich look and large silhouette. Chandelier earrings are named after their resemblance to the ornate light fixtures and feature multiple dangling drops which often cascade down. The chandelier design creates spectacular movement, glistening like a shower of shooting stars.These dangling earrings are perf

Animal Jewelry Can Update Your Look

Want a simple, yet stylish way to update your look without having to revamp your entire wardrobe? Try accessorizing your most basic wardrobe essentials with animal jewelry and you've got a whole new look. The key to looking contemporary, polished and put-together without going overboard is to pick one fun, animal-inspired piece and stack or layer it with your current, classic go-to jewels.Whatever you fancy, make a statement with eye-catchinganimal and critter jewelrydrawn from nat

White Jewelry All Year Round

Spring and summer seem like the perfect opportunity to wear white, especiallywhite jewelry. Luckily, wearing white after Labor Day is no longer taboo. A piece of white jewelry not only makes any outfit feel fresh, it goes quite well with almost anything.When going white,pearlscome to mind, but there are more unexpected gemstones to choose from likejadeandagate.

The Latest Jewelry Looks

Fashion trends all always changing with the seasons and the culture. From runway to the red carpet, fresh looks are constantly created, inspired by ancient to modern themes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Our jewelry designers and merchandisers are always on top of the fast paced and ever changing trends of the industry to make sure you are getting the latest and the greatest! Here, you can stay date and learn how to get "get the look" and try new designs to keep your wardrobe current.