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Online Shopping is Easier When You Follow These Tips

Here are five tips you can follow to make your jewelry online shopping experience, safe, fun and stress-free! Reputation:How many years has the company been in business? What is their BBB rating? Are they a Google+ Rated store? You can often find the answers to these questions on a company's "About Us" or "Company History" page.Guarantee:Does the store have a 100% guarantee or risk-free return policy? You want to make sure that if for some reason you are not happy with what you purcha

Jewelry Buying: A Man's Guide

Ladies, you will want to forward this to your significant other!For many men, buying jewelry for a woman can be very intimidating. The options to choose from are endless. There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, different designs, gemstones and colors. All of these choices can quickly become overwhelming so this guide will make it easier for any guy to pick out the perfect piece. First, it is essential to listen to her because many times women drop hints as to what they want. Understand wha

Organize and Store Your Jewelry

Jewelry Organizing SolutionsAfter years of developing an extensive and diverse jewelry collection, many women are left with one question...where do I put it all? There's the everyday jewelry box, but what happens when you run out of room? Ross-Simons has uniquejewelry storagechoices that range from jewelry boxes to jewelry chests to jewelry cases that can organize your collection.Small Jewelry BoxesKeep smaller pieces in a traditional jewelry box or jewelry chest. One with a glass top

Watches: A Time For Fashion

In the age of cell phones, people wear watches as a fashion statement rather than for telling time.Whether you wear awatchto help keep time or to keep up with the latest trends, there are many different brands and styles for you to choose from, including these options:Sporty:Watches in the sporty category are functional timepieces with a sleek, distinctive look. Many sporty watches also have chronographs, which are built-in stop watch functions.TAG Heueris one o

Accessorizing Using A Fashion Designer's Secrets

Long recognized as a leader in apparel design, Catherine Andreozzi's collections have been exhibited all over the world. She also heads the Apparel Design Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. "For me, jewelry is a way to express one's individuality," she explains. "It's fun to mix and match pieces in new, unexpected ways."Find out just how easy it is to look polished and put-together without spending a fortune. Andreozzi offers her jewelry styling tips.The Rules Don't Apply Brea

Jewelry Accessories for Any Dress Style

You found the perfect dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, cocktail party or formal event but what type of jewelry do you choose? Your goal should be to look polished and put-together, never over-the-top. Here are some simple tips to follow when accessorizing different dress styles: For a strapless dress, we suggest either statement making earrings and a bracelet, or a bold necklace paired withunderstated earrings. Less is more!For a spaghetti strap dress, a delicate charm or heart pendant

Work and Business Fashion Tips

We all want to look polished, professional and feel our best during any 9-5 situation. However, business doesn't have to mean boring. Your personality can still shine through while dressing for success!What to Wear to the Job InterviewThe key to acing an interview is confidence. And how can you feel confident if you're not dressed to impress? Dressing professionally, yet fashionably will make you feel amazing. As for accessories, why not try tailored, refined classics with a twist. Layer cla

Jewelry for After Hours

Are you going to a spectacular, formal event, a cocktail party, black tie wedding or dinner at 8? Our style experts are always on the hunt for jewelry that will add a bit of fashion flair to any afterhours look. Cocktail PartyWhat could be more fun than an evening of drinks, music and friends? Today's cocktail party is even more elegant than that of yesteryear. With a few simple tips, we will help make your look the highlight of the night! You may initially think a little black dress, but c

Must-Have Jewelry: 10 Timeless Pieces

Dazzling diamonds, crisp white pearls, bold bangles, rings, you name it, we love it. These 10 timeless jewelry must-haves will help you accessorize any outfit. Diamond Studs. It doesn't matter how small, big, old or new, diamond studs are timeless, elegant and sophisticated. They are a perfect finishing touch to any look from jeans to fancy dresses.Diamond Ring. Every woman deserves to look down at her hand and smile at a stunning sparkler.Chandelier Earrings. There's more than one

Stacked and Layered Jewelry Look: Here's How

One of our favorite looks is stacked and layered jewelry.Layering clothing is simple. Add a cardigan to a cute shell, a jacket over a blouse, etc. But how do you stack and layer jewelry without looking overdone?When layering jewelry, you want to complete your ensemble, not draw attention away from your outfit.1. Wear amulti-strand necklaceandbracelet.2. Layer a fewbeaded necklacesof coordinating colors. You can even twist them together.3. Pair a

How to Buy a Diamond

Selecting Your DiamondThroughout history, the diamond has been an enduring symbol of the powerful bond of love. Its strength, brilliance and value are as unique as the individuals who wear them. A diamond's worth is evaluated on four levels. We call these criteria the 4 C's: cut, carat weight, color and clarity. But there are other considerations as well when buying a diamond, and Ross-Simons has put together this education section to help you understand the terminology and special considerat

Engagement Ring Choices Made Easy

One of the most popular months to propose is December. There are probably many of you out there right now searching for the perfect ring to pop the question with. However, you may be wondering how do I choose the perfect ring?When choosing a ring, you can purchase apreset engagement ringor you may be able todesign your own ringdepending on your jeweler. Other than keeping your future fiancee's style in mind, make sure you concentrate on the shape of the gem and the 4 C's: cut

Jewelry and Fashion

Stay up-to-date and well-informed with our featured articles that will inspire as well as entertain you. Our articles cover topics ranging from jewelry and fashion trends, to buying guides, to restoring and selling vintage jewelry. Our experts keep up with the latest styles, and will fill you in on today's news in fashion and glamour. Our featured articles will also help you learn about fashion's historical milestones, as well as the best ways to care for your favorite jewelry and home decor. S