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Engagement and Wedding

Men's Wedding Rings

Men's wedding rings have become increasingly popular in the past several decades. The male wedding ring is usually part of a pair that the bride and groom exchange during the wedding ceremony to complete their vows. Men's rings are traditionally thicker than women's wedding rings, but there is no set style. They are most often a simple band of platinum, yellow gold, or white gold that pairs with the bride's ring, but they can also be set with small diamonds, gemstones, or textured designs. Ot

Rings Guide

Although many people's minds leap to engagements and weddings when they think of rings, this versatile jewelry piece has been used throughout history as a means of identification, to carry a family crest or seal, or to denote love and respect. The perfect circle of a ring symbolizes the eternity of life and the cycles of the Earth, making it an ideal presentation for special life occasions.

Gifts for the Wedding

Gifts for the WeddingWhen attending a wedding make sure to bring a gift for the bride and groom! This normally includes getting them a gift that is either on their registry or it is something heartfelt that you know they will love. Help the bride and groom celebrate their wedding with a toast and new champagne glasses. A picture frame is a thoughtful gift for them to display a special moment from their wedding or honeymoon. O

Citrine Engagement Rings Bring Health, Wealth, and Happiness

It has been a longtime custom to gift citrine jewelry for an anniversary, particularly the 13th or 17th of a marriage. This tradition has taken on a new life in today's culture with the use of citrine engagement rings. Citrine gems are not only thought to attract love, but also to encourage prosperity in all facets of the relationship. Known as the "merchant's stone," legend has it that yellow gem can promote an increase in wealth and sustainability. Its other nickname, the "healing stone,"

Sapphire Engagement Rings Sparkle Just Like You

Choose A Ring That Captures Your StyleFew jewelry decisions are more important than choosing your engagement ring. Not only will you wear this ring forever and always, but its style will speak volumes about the type of woman you are. If your choice is a classic solitaire diamond, you are likely elegant and traditional. But if you find yourself drawn to a blue sapphire engagement ring, then you probably have an independent streak and an eye for fashion much like history's most famous owner of

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

We've spoken before about the pros and cons of non-diamond engagement rings. While any gemstone can look fantastic in the right setting, only diamonds are 100% suited for engagement ring purposes. Luckily, there is a happy middle ground between the uniqueness of alternative engagement rings and the durable timelessness of traditional diamond rings: Yellow diamonds. Diamonds come in a variety of different colors: Vibrant pinks, deep blues, alluring greens, and just about any other color you can

Marriage Proposals: Top Five Dos and Don'ts

Popping the fabled question isn't an event that should be taken lightly. To pull it off just right, takes the soul searching of a poet and the meticulous planning of an engineer. While true love may conquer all, here are five common proposal pitfalls that can make the big moment less memorable...or worse yet, memorable for all the wrong reasons.Proposing Without a RingEven though your bond goes beyond the material, proposing without an engagement ring communicates a lack of seriousness about t

Shopping Together For Engagement Rings

A man chooses to fly solo through engagement ring shopping and proposing, checking out rings and making dinner reservations without the woman's knowledge. This scenario is extremely common, but there is a growing trend that is re-shaping the entire path to marriage.More and more couples are shopping forengagement ringstogether. With Ross-Simons' vast collection of male and female engagement rings, you'll find this shared experience easy, memorable, and affordable too.This certain

Men's Engagement Rings

The trend of men wearing engagement rings continues to increase in popularity, as more men desire to show their commitment prior to marriage. Most often, these rings are purchased by the woman and given to the man shortly after he proposes. They are also purchased by same-sex couples who wish to show their intent to marry. Men's engagement rings first became common in South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina, where strong Catholic beliefs encourage a stronger bond before marriage

Choosing A Wedding Ring To Match Your Engagement Ring

For many couples, finding the perfect wedding and engagement rings is one of the most important parts of planning for the big day. While you may have been one of the lucky few whose future husband picked the perfect engagement ring, you now have a difficult task on your hands: Finding a wedding band that perfectly matches your wedding ring.How To Pick The Right Wedding BandWhen choosing a wedding ring, the best place to start is with the setting. There are a wide variety of women's ring st

Common Jewelry Buying Mistakes Made By Men

Buying jewelry for that special woman in your life can be intimidating. Still, the prospect of buying jewelry shouldn't have you waking at night in a cold sweat; it should be a fun, rewarding experience that ultimately leaves you proud of the gift you're giving and that special lady dazzled by what she receives. Steering clear of these common jewelry buying mishaps will ensure that that's exactly the result you achieve.Not Doing The LegworkMaking a jewelry purchase is one of the larger financ

Engagement Rings: Tips For Getting The Perfect Ring

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring may seem like an overwhelming task, with all of the styles, designs, and diamond sizes staring at you from under the glass. However, at its core, the ring buying process is no different than the path that leads you to a new car, a bigger television, or other long-term commitments. OK, maybe the unspoken commitment from anengagement ringis a little different than your commitment to a bigger television. But that analogy alleviates some of tho

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids and groomsmen play such special roles on your wedding day. The closest of your family and friends, you count on them to stand by your side as you enter a new chapter in life. Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation for all the love and support they have provided.Giving bridesmaids the gift of jewelry is a stylish way to say thanks. You can even choose anecklace setthat provide

Ring Metals A Guide

GoldGold is one of the most common and desired metals used in rings of all varieties. The metal's popularity for men's or women's engagement and wedding rings is unsurpassed. 10kt, 14kt and 18kt are the most common karat values found. The larger the karat, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the ring and the more expensive it will be. The hardness and durability of gold varies depending on karat, so it is important to take these factors into account when selecting a gold ring.Gold ri

How To Find Her Ring Size

Congratulations! You have decided that she is the one. Now, how do you sweep her off her feet and give her the proposal that she's been waiting for? Many guys try to make it a surprise it's romantic and thoughtful and adds to the magic of the big moment. However, there are practical implications. Will she like the ring? Will the ring fit her? She will absolutely want to wear it right away.So you did some investigation. You've gone through her jewelry box to see what style she likes, paid atten

Wedding and Bridal Shower Gift Guide

Wedding season has arrived. Couples appreciate heartfelt gifts, whether chosen from their registry or somewhere just as special. To give you some gift ideas, we've compiled a list of our favorite wedding and bridal shower presents.Dinnerware: To set the couple's table for years to come.Acake stand,cheeseboardordecorative tray: To help them entertain family and friends.Anice bucke

Peridot Engagement Rings Make Love Vibrant

Because of its deep connection to love, peridot has traditionally been gifted in celebration of an anniversary, especially the 16th anniversary of a marriage. However, modern couples have given a new spin to this age-old custom, using the treasured green gemstone in engagement rings. Commonly, peridot is given to express deep affection and loyalty, but did you know that the ancients' believed it could encourage growth in new relationships? This is why peridot engagement rings are a meaningful

Engagement and Wedding Jewelry Guides

Getting married can be one of the most magical experiences of your life. But there is so much to learn and do, it can be overwhelming. At Gets, we want to help you make wonderful memories from "yes" to "I do." Here, you will find everything you need to know about engagement and wedding rings, right down to the how to buy a diamond and what kind of metals will work best for you. We even know a thing or two about how to pop the question.In addition to wedding jewelry, Gets is also an expert at w