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Earring Projects

Santa Claus Earrings

Searching for handmade Christmas earrings? Today’s tutorial will tell you how to make quilling paper Santa Claus earrings. Hope you like it. There are many beaded Christmas earrings on our website. Today, I will tell you how to make a pair of quilling paper Santa Claus earrings. The main materials are quilling papers, and you can use model to help you roll the circles. These Santa Claus earrings are so cute and lively, right? Do not hesitate, just follow me to make these handmade Christmas earrings.

Chainmail Earrings

This chainmail pattern is called barrel weave, and this is my current favorite earring style.

Crochet Pumpkin Earrings

These nice earrings are very fast to make and I am sure that you will be able to make them even if you are a beginner at crocheting!

Rasta Safety Pin Earrings

Art is my passion, so I make this earrings for the ladies to wear and feel comfortable while looking unique and smart.

Bottle Earrings

A pair of fun earrings for you, just do it now.

DIY Flower Stud Earrings

I wanted to share this fabric flower stud earrings tutorial for a while and finally here it is! This instructable will show how to make these cute fabric flower stud earrings in few simple steps. You can make these cute colorful flower ear-tops for yourself or as a gift.

Chinese Lantern Earrings

These are nice, elegant earrings made of polymer clay that has been sanded and varnished to look like glass.

Double Sided Coin Earrings

How to convert the most common items into cool obscurities. You can use any coin U.S. Or any country. So I use coins available. Today I will make dime earrings. Like I said before any coin will work.

Clay Earrings

When you have free time, you can try this and you will get a lot of fun.

Rainbow Earrings

Create stylish yet simple earrings, that are full with colour!

Fractals Earrings

I wanted to create small and light earrings with the idea of nature and growth. Two peaces are never the same.

Snowflake Earrings

Here are some super easy,and quick earrings that you can make. I guarantee that you are going to dazzle your friends and family with these beautiful earrings.

Cardboard earrings

So unique and elegant, these earrings have been successful on my website and a lot of people asked me how to make some by themselves!I made them with colored paper and cardboard.

Segmented Wood Earrings

I like making jewelry because it's so small and intimate. Most people wear some form of jewelry, usually gold or silver. I like the warmth of wood, metal is just cold and lifeless.

Wizard's Earrings

Hi, you're a wizard, huh? Or are you larping as a wizard? Or maybe you just like to wear mysterious stuff? Either way, here's a tutorial so you can make your own pair of these earrings.

Post Earrings

Most of the time when someone goes about creating "post-backed" aka "stud" earrings, he or she uses a purchased finding and then glues his or her pieces onto it. But just like making earring "hooks" a bit of wire, patience, and tools will result in earrings that are truly one of a kind.

How To Make Quilled Earring

A pair of beautiful quilled earrings for you, just do it now!

Origami Earring With LED Light

Make this unique gift for the special people in your life (not excluding yourself.) and light up their life for years to come. You won't be forgotten anytime soon!

Quilled Earring

Hi! I am going to make this quilled earring.

CD Spindle Earring Stand

These cute earrings are so easy to make and fun too.Follow this simple steps and make some beautiful earrings for yourself.
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