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Earring Projects

Beaden Beauty

We ladies never have enough of accessories. A pair of ear rings tells a lot! Especially if its long and lassy.

Pokeball Earrings

A birthday for a friend of mine is coming up soon, so I decided I would give her something special. Since she loves to collect earrings, the only logical thing for me to do was to give her a unique pair of earrings that she couldn't get anywhere else. I wanted to make earrings for her that were not only hand-made, but also themed after her favorite game: Pokémon.These make "super effective" gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or just as a simple symbol of your appreciation for another person's friendship.So, without further ado, let us begin!

Lightsaber Earrings

Just like everyone else, I've caught Star Wars fever! I really wanted to make some earrings for my sister that were Star Wars-y but still classy enough not to be novelty.This Instructable would be suitable for any crafter, but if you are a more experienced jewellery-maker then you may not need to read the instructions so carefully since I have made them quite detailed for beginners.I really hope you like this project

Cone Shaped Bead Cap Out Of A Paper Clip

I wanted to make a cone shaped bead cap and figured a paper clip would be perfect for it!

Caged Bead Earrings

These caged bead earrings are so adorable that you won’t be able to wait to give them a try!

cloud earrings

Hey everyone it's Kelly and today we'll be making cute cloud earrings for staying at home or going out. ENJOY!

Blood Earrings

These earrings are very easy to make and the result is surprising! I really love projects that allow you to make cool stuff with few and cheap things.So... let's proceed and make some blood (I think deep down I must be a vampire!).

Indécise Earrings

Here are some simple steps for designing indécise earrings. Hope you enjoy!

God's Eye Earrings

I like to take normal-sized things, shrink them, and attach them to my ears. The other day I was teaching someone how to make God's Eyes and decided to try out how they would look done in wire. No soldering or glue needed.If you've never made a God's Eye with popsicle sticks and yarn, you may want to practice on that scale before trying with the smaller wire.

Lucette Earrings

Here are some simple steps for designing lucette earrings. Hope you enjoy!

Filigree Whirlwind Earrings

Here are some simple steps for designing filigree whirlwind Earrings. Hope you enjoy!

How to Make Heart Shaped Earrings

Hello everybody,Since it is almost Valentines day, we decided to show you how to make some heart shaped earrings. Most of the materials used are recycled. We hope you like this Instructable.

Lego Flower Earrings

Do you love Lego? Do you want to treat yourself with some Lego accessories? Do you know a girl that might, but not especially, also like Lego? Do you think you know someone who might be interested in some nice earrings ignoring the question of liking Lego or not?If so, or for any other reason, then this is what you need!These Lego earrings can be pimped with Lego diamonds or worn without, or pimped with any other Lego part you might want to pimp them with!

Faux Tropical Earrings using plastic bottles

If you are getting ready for a vacation especially on the beach side these are perfect. These are made up of plastic bottles, are durable, water proof and light in weight. This is also a great way to recycle plastic bottles!! You could use this technique with paper but it wont be water resistant while with polymer clay it will be heavy!!

Beer Caps Earrings

I made these earrings with Lagunitas beer caps.They are really easy to make.

Book Bead Earrings

Wanting to incorporate books into jewelry, I came up with this idea. This Instructable shows how to make a paper cone bead out of an old book and how to attach them together to make a cube-like shape that is the center point of my earrings. I also show how to bead-it-up.

Hammered Copper Leaves Earrings

I made this pair of earrings with a scrap sheet of copper.They take about an hour to make, but they are pretty easy.

Rainbow Resin Glitter Earrings

Although I've been experimenting with resin, these free form backless bezel earrings are new territory for me. The glitter appears to float inside the wire frame in an almost holographic way. They are vibrant and have nice depth. I entered this project with no real plan, but some ideas to try. In fact, my original idea was to use rainbow colored resin in layers. That went nowhere. Here's what I've come up with.

Rock and Roll Hoop earrings

Always wanted to learn how to make some fun and fashionable earrings? Well lets get to it! These earrings not only have swing and a little rock and roll personality, they are fairly easy to make yourself and you can change them to suit your limitless imagination and bead supply, which ever comes first.

Wine Cork Bee Earrings

I was in my yard recently when I realized that our hanging bird house had become a hanging bee house. It was so wonderful to see that a colony of bumble bees had made their home at our home. We couldn't keep the hive where it was, but I had a local beekeeper take the whole bee house to a nearby apiary.Right after, I saw the bee contest come up and really wanted to do something beeish. Since I make jewelry and live near lots of wineries, these super easy recycled wine cork bee earrings seemed perfect. And I love how the cork texture brings out the bee fuzziness!