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Earring Projects

Quilled Fusion Earring

Jhumkas and silk sarees are traditional South Indian attire for weddings and grand occasions. The Jhumka is quilled into domes and attached using beads and danglers. The crystals and the flower shaped beads are chosen based on the color of the dress and user preference. These earrings are very lightweight and waterproof.

Pac-Man Earrings

Do you love Pac-Man? Ever wish you could control him 24/7? Well now you can! These hip Pac-Man earring allow you to live the arcade game, but watch out you may find yourself being chased by enemies!

Feather Earrings

Possibly the simplest thing you will ever make!

Dainty Heart Earrings

These dainty heart earrings are easy to make and give you the basics of making a dangle earring.

Great Glitter Earrings

For this instructable I'll be showing how to make glitter earrings. This instructable might not be as well put together or have very many pictures, but I hope it will still give you ideas for some cool creations.

Polymer Clay Earrings

Using wire and polymer clay to create earrings and pendants.

Rubber Band Earrings

Hi! I am going to make this rubber band earrings today.

Earrings From Paperclips And String

Using a standard paperclip, unbend at all the angles to create this triangular shape. Once you’ve got the triangular shape, you need to glue the ends together. Use a fast drying epoxy or hot glue.

Simple Earrings

How to make simple earrings.

Fancy Leather Earrings

Handmade leather earrings are cute and fancy. you can make earrings in different color leather scrap with different patterns. I love feather earrings so I made a pair of leather feather earring and some simple fancy earrings. To make these Pretty earrings, you will need leather scrap in any color, fabric paints and earring kits.

Leather Earring Tutorial

Why should leather only be used for jackets, shoes and purses? Medium weight or upholstery leather is easy to craft since it doesn't fray or crinkle. These leather earrings are quick, versatile and easy to make. You can even recycle those old purses or jackets that have damage since you really only need small amounts of good leather. I used 4" square leather samples and had plenty left over to make more earrings.

The Earring Garden

In this instructable, we are going to make a button flower garden with two functions: cute wall art and earring holder.

Wire Elf Ear Cuff

Hey everyone it's momo and I've missed you guys so much, I think I'll come in with a bang! This is pretty much a statement article of jewelry. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Have fun!

Quilling Earring

Ths a simple earring made of quilling strips.

Leather Duster Earring

When you have any free time, you can try to do it. Hope you like this!

Haunter Earring

With my love Haunter I set out to design an earring. The earring above has an ear cuff with one of Haunter's hands, his body hanging in the middle from silver chain, and then a stud at the bottom holding Haunter's other hand. It takes people a little bit to get the earring but they get really happy once it clicks.

Cute Fake Earrings

This instructable is for those who don't have their ears pierced yet, but want to still look trendy.So, I have made up this thingamabobber which I hope you like.

Laser Cut Earrings

Laser cut jewelry is widely popular - but there's no reason you can't make your own with a few materials and resources.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry With Copycat Wigjig

Wire wrapping is such fun and with a jig it's quick, easy and thereby leaving room for loads of creativity!

Luna's Radish Earrings

Learn how to make radish earrings - just like Luna's!
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