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Waterford Design PhilosophyThe Penrose brothers' founding vision "to create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home" is carried on today. Over 200 years later, Waterford is just as committed to the purity of color, design excellence and art of crystal cutting as its early predecessors. The traditional cutting patterns made famous by the artisans of Waterford continue to offer inspiration for new designs. And as always, each piece of Waterford crystal

Reed & Barton

Reed & Barton Design PhilosophyReed & Barton's unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction can be found in every product that bears its name. Whether crafted of stainless steel, silverplate or sterling silver, each piece shows off rich detailing and beauty that will be treasured for years to come.About Reed & BartonSince 1824, Reed & Barton has been producing quality sterling silver, silverplate and stainless products for those with discriminating tastes.

Nao Porcelain

About Nao Porcelains and CollectiblesNao porcelains are produced by veteran craftsmen in the company's own local workshops near Valencia, in Spain. The ceramic tradition of the Valencian community goes back to Roman times, and since then has continued to be one of the examples of the artistic skills in this area of Spain. A division of Lladro, Nao porcelains and collectibles was founded in 1967. These finely detailed and emotionally charged pieces have touched the public since their inception,

Lladro Porcelain

Lladro Design PhilosophyOne of the great appeals of Lladro figurines is the emotional warmth that is magically captured in porcelain. Subtle detailing like folds of fabric, facial expressions and delicate floral bouquets give Lladro pieces heart and soul. The Lladro brothers had a mission: "We want our works to be elegant, expressive, to exude life. We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of human beings, everything that dignifies life." This mission is still evident


Lenox Design PhilosophyWalter Scott Lenox dedicated his life to the "perfection of American porcelain." Lenox's vision for excellence set the company's high standards for quality, artistry and beauty. Over 120 years later, the company continues to evolve but still relies on centuries-old craft techniques to produce extraordinary pieces that are prized all around the globe.About LenoxWalter Scott Lenox was born in 1859 in Trenton, New Jersey, the ceramic capital of America at the time

Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond WeilDesign PhilosophyThe Raymond Weil brand represents the fundamentals of luxury watchmaking precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical excellence. Raymond Weil strives to create watches whose design combines ergonomics, refinement and modernity. This aesthetic pursuit gives Raymond Weil watches a distinctive style that is highly sought after today. About Raymond Weil WatchesWhen Raymond Weil launched his watch brand in Geneva, Switzerland, he had a singu

Michele Watches

Michele Watch Design PhilosophyContemporary design with an individual twistMichele's design philosophy fuses timeless elegance with contemporary fashion. The designers have a knack for securing unique strap materials from all over the world, including alligator, python, and calfskin leathers for the watch bands. Michele closely follows the international fashion scene, ensuring that the brand is on the forefront of changing fashion and runway trends. Michele interprets and develops these trend

88 Rue Du Rhone: Where Time Begins

About 88 Rue Du Rhone WatchesLaunched by Elie and Pierre Bernheim, grandsons of the renowned Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil, 88 Rue Du Rhone is the first Swiss luxury watch brand created to remain affordable. Combining the ultimate in prestige with a hint of intriguing mystery, these magnificent timepieces are created in Geneva, the origin of the Swiss watchmaking industry five centuries ago. Truly, as the company motto states, this is "Where Time Begins".88 Rue Du Rhone Design Philosophy

Zina Sterling Silver Jewelry

About Zina JewelryZina Sterling Silver jewelry is often described as versatile and eclectic, with a good dose of fun. Based in Beverly Hills, Zina Sherman, the daughter of Polish immigrants, has enjoyed success with her jewelry designs since 1984, and continues to produce her innovative creations today. Wearing a piece of Zina Silver jewelry is not just a style choice, it reflects a lifestyle. Whether it is a dressy or casual piece, a selection with or without gemstones, the energy and point o

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Design PhilosophyToday, Swarovski carries on Daniel Swarovski's founding vision: "To shed the ultimate crystal light to the heart and soul of the world." In the famed Swarovski design studios in Paris, Hong Kong, London and Milano, designers constantly seek new and inspiring ways to showcase crystal. Be it with a play of colors, special cuts or unique forms, Swarovski reveals the glamorous side of crystal, bringing glorious rays of light to people's lives every day.About Swaro

Roberto Coin Jewelry

About Roberto Coin JewelryIn 1977, Roberto Coin founded the company that would bear his name in Italy's city of gold, Vicenza. At first, the company created jewelry designs for other prestigious brands of fine jewelry. Then in 1996, the Roberto Coin brand was launched. Today, it is one of the best known jewelry brands in the United States. Ross-Simons is proud to offer a vast selection ofRoberto Coin necklaces,bracelets,earringsandrings. Roberto Coin Jewel

Ritani Jewelry

About Ritani JewelryShimmering diamond engagement rings,glittering diamond wedding bandsand gorgeous gemstone jewelry comprise theRitani jewelry brand. With collections such as "Endless Love", "Bella Vita" and "Romantique", it is clear that the theme of romance sparkles in all Ritani designs. In addition, Ritani hosts a gorgeous array of classic, modern and floral designs. The Ritani Design PhilosophySince 1999, when they first opened, Ritani has created an exquisitely detailed,

Pandora Jewelry

Pandoratmis a universe of jewelry. Each piece of Danish design is handcrafted in sterling silver or 14K gold and world-famous for the bracelet and twist-on charm design. Many pieces incorporate pearls, semi-precious and precious stones for a personal and intriguing look.Pandoratmbracelets are easily interchangeable and the modular design allows you to change the beads to dress up the bracelet for an elegant look, or change the bracelet for a more casual wear at a moments notice. Pa

Monica Rich Kosann Jewelry

About Monica Rich Kosann JewelryDesigned to offer her customers heirlooms for our generation, Monica Rich Kosann has created a jewelry collection of locketsand pendant necklaces through which a woman can tell her life's story. In choosing motifs such as the crescent moon, owls, telescopes or the compass, Kosann evokes a sense of timeless memories. Her goal is to maintain the elegance of design while capturing the essence of fashion. The memories we create each day of our lives are to be lived

Mikimoto Pearls Jewelry

About Mikimoto Pearls JewelryOver one hundred years ago, in 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in producing the world's first cultured pearl. Since that day, Mikimoto continues to make history, creating gleaming, creamy pearls in its own distinctive style. Mikimoto pearls are referred to as hanadama, or 'flower pearls', a name that conveys the highest caliber of pearls. Ross-Simons is proud to offer an incredible selection of Mikimoto pearl necklaces, bracelet and pearl earrings. Mikimoto Pear

Henri Daussi Jewelry

The design house of Henri Daussi, founded in Antwerp, Belgium over 40 years ago, is a legacy of passion and skill for diamonds passed through generations of family.About Henri Daussi Designer Jewelry"Creating the finest jewelry has forever been a family tradition." Dedicated to excellence and beauty, thediamond designs of Henri Daussipresent each and every piece as a hallmark legacy to remain in a family for generations. Craftsmanship, skill and aesthetics converge in each

Hearts on Fire Jewelry

About Hearts On Fire JewelryEnter the world of Hearts On Fire and experience a dazzling selection of diamond jewelry, includingearrings,necklaces,rings, and bracelets. With an assortment of stylish collections ranging from classic to contemporary, suitable for occasions from the Red Carpet to your Wedding Day, Hearts On Fire offers a vast array of diamond jewelry, each with unique inspiration behind it. Shopping for the perfect diamond for any special event or holiday will be a spa

Gregg Ruth Jewelry

About Gregg Ruth JewelryThe son of jewelry store owners, designer Gregg Ruth grew up surrounded by gemstones and fine jewelry. He followed his passion for jewelry and in 1977 opened his own store in Tennessee. A few years later, he launched a new venture importing luxury jewelry from Italy. In the late 1980s, Gregg Ruth moved his company to Malibu, California and eventually started creating his owndiamond jewelry designs. Gregg Ruth's classic, fashionable styles quickly developed a loyal

Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

A family tradition, the story of Gabriel & Co. is one of love, service and lineage. In 1989, two brothers named Jack and Dominick Gabriel followed in the footsteps of their father Elias Gabriel, a master jeweler. The result is a stunning and varied assortment of beautiful jewelry in the Gabriel & Co. jewelry collection. Comprised of five unique dimensions relating to different aspect of life, each division focuses on a specific theme.About Gabriel JewelryPassionate, dazzling and s

About Belle Etoile Jewelry

About Belle Etoile JewelryOffering a jewelry box full of looks, colors, styles and icons to express yourself, the collections of Belle Etoile have the jewelry you need to convey your point of view. Whatever your role in life from power executive to rock star to fashion maven you are starring in your own reality show and with the jewelry from Belle Etoile you will shine like the star that you are. Designed to enhance the lifestyle of the modern woman, the dazzling Belle Etoile selection of exqu
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