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Andrea Candela Jewelry

Andrea Candela Jewelry Design PhilosophyInspired by the beauty and heritage of Spain, the Andrea Candela Collection showcases fine craftsmanship and signature styling. The unique rope-edge design has become a trademark of the Andrea Candela Collection and lends each piece a luxurious "old world" feel. Using brilliantly colored stones and rich, textured precious metals, Andrea Candela jewelry makes a bold style statement for today's fashion-conscious woman. About Andrea Candela JewelryFor alm

Organize and Store Your Jewelry

Jewelry Organizing SolutionsAfter years of developing an extensive and diverse jewelry collection, many women are left with one question...where do I put it all? There's the everyday jewelry box, but what happens when you run out of room? Ross-Simons has uniquejewelry storagechoices that range from jewelry boxes to jewelry chests to jewelry cases that can organize your collection.Small Jewelry BoxesKeep smaller pieces in a traditional jewelry box or

Roberto Coin Jewelry

About Roberto Coin JewelryIn 1977, Roberto Coin founded the company that would bear his name in Italy's city of gold, Vicenza. At first, the company created jewelry designs for other prestigious brands of fine jewelry. Then in 1996, the Roberto Coin brand was launched. Today, it is one of the best known jewelry brands in the United States.Roberto Coin Jewelry Design PhilosophyRoberto Coin values fine craftsmanship as well as modern innovation. "These are the main features of the philosophy

Gabriel Jewelry

About Gabriel JewelryPassionate, dazzling and sensational, the rings in the Gabriel collection convey an attitude of spirit and artistry, redefined. Timeless pieces, which encompass classic as well as fashion-forward design, shimmer in the Gabriel line. Impeccable artistry has been ultimately merged with long-standing skill and technology in each Gabriel ring design. The result? A gorgeous masterpiece that is as unique and as treasured as the love that you both share.The Gabriel Design Phil

Lladro Porcelain

Lladro Design Philosophy One of the great appeals of Lladro figurines is the emotional warmth that is magically captured in porcelain. Subtle detailing like folds of fabric, facial expressions and delicate floral bouquets give Lladro pieces heart and soul. The Lladro brothers had a mission: "We want our works to be elegant, expressive, to exude life. We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of human beings, everything that dignifies life." This mission is still evi

Swarovski Crystal

All over the globe, the name Swarovski instantly brings to mind luxurious crystal. So it is fitting that Ross-Simons, a provider of life's finest luxuries, would offer a superb selection of Swarovski crystal. For over 100 years, Swarovski has brought shimmer and light to the world of fashion and home decor'Swarovski Design PhilosophyToday, Swarovski carries on Daniel Swarovski's founding vision: "To shed the ultimate crystal light to the heart and soul of t

Designer Jewelry

Our talented, award-winning jewelry designers offer inspiration and elegance to any jewelry collection, no matter what your taste or style. Discover the glamour of jewelry collections by yourself.Our exquisite household accessories also come with the designer touch, from the exceptional quality of crystal to the ever-elegant and classic tableware and gifts. Explore our jewelry and accessories created by top-notch designers who bring the gift of artistry, vision and elegant style into our lives
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