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DIY Jewelry

Radial Flare Necklace

Instructions. 1) Take the piece of paper and squeeze equal amounts from both tubes of epoxy out onto it. (You only really need about a dime size from each tube) Mix the two parts together with the toothpick until the mixture becomes slightly tacky. Load up the tip of the toothpick with some of the epoxy and place a couple of drops onto the inside of the Rivoli setting (again, less is more here. Don't slather so much epoxy onto the setting that it's oozing out everywhere when you go to set the s

Hope Necklace

Instructions. 1) Insert the 8mm mandrel into the body of the Jump Ring Maker. Take the 1' section of 20ga Silver Wire and make a section of 3-4 jump rings. Cut the wire spiral away from the Jump Ring Tool, and cut away individual jump rings from the spiral. 2) Take the 40" length of cording and the Hope Message Ring. Fold the cording in half, and then make a Lark's Head Knot around the Message Ring. 3) Open one of the Jump Rings that you made in step #1 with your Chain Nose and Round Nose Plier

Zen Necklace

Instructions. 1) Open the jump ring with your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers. Slip on the Tagua Nut and the Leaf Charm. Close the jump ring. 2) Take the two lengths of leather cording and attach a Fold Over Connector to the end of each length. Open a Split Ring by using your Split Ring pliers to gently hold the wire of the Split Ring far enough to slip the connector loop of the two attach Fold Over connector onto it. Before letting go of the Split Ring pliers, slip on one half of the clasp. T

Heart Pendant Necklace

1) Thread the bali headpin through the hole in the heart. 2) Bend the head pin straight up 90 degrees and then make another bend of 45 degrees approximately a half of an inch (or more) from the first bend angling the headpin down towards the decorative end of the headpin thereby creating a V shape. 3) Bend the wire to the head pin down and around the decorative part of the head pin wrapping it around as close to the base of the headpin as you can get. Form a simple loop and cut. 4) After making

Pewter Cross Necklace

Instructions. 1) Connect one end of the Ball Chain to one side of the Ball Chain Connector. Connect the other end of the chain to the other side of the connector. 2) Open the Jump Ring and attach to the connector loop on the Cross Pendant. To Finish. 3) Fold the Ball Chain in half and place the open Jump Ring between the two middle balls on the chain. Close the Jump Ring securely.

Steel Necklace

Instructions. 1) Take the 25" length of wire and thread on one crimp tube bead and the sterling silver connector. Take the wire around and back through the crimp tube bead and pull so that the crimp tube bead cinches up fairly close to the connector (leave a little room for movement). Crimp the crimp tube closed with your Crimping Pliers and remove any excess wire tails with your Side Cutters.2) Use the first indent in your Crimping Pliers to close a Crimp CoverBead around the crimped tub

Mardi Gras

Instructions. 1) Take the 28" length of cording and close an End Connector over each of the ends. Make a Lark's Head knot with the cording around the large ring (preferably around one of the holes in the ring). Open the large Jump Ring and slip it through the middle of the Lark's Head knot and the large ring. Before closing, attach the Fleur di Lis Charm. 2) Open the two smaller Jump Rings and use these to attach one half of the Hook and Eye clasp to each necklace half. Close these Jump Ring se

Yuma Necklace

Instructions.1) Cut 5" from the 15" length and thread on one crimp bead and one end of the length of chain. Take the wire around and back through the crimp bead. Pull so that the crimp bead cinches to the last link on the chain. Crimp the bead closed with your Crimping Pliers. Cut off the excess wire with your sidecutters. 2) Thread on one of the turquoise nuggets, followed by a silver round bead. Repeat this pattern three more times. Thread on another turquoise nugget followed by a silver

Swarovski Crystal Stretch Bracelet

1) Cut 10 inches of stretch cord. 2) Thread 1 crimp tube onto stretch cord, then add 30 Peridot crystal beads.(Lay on wrist to size and add beads to lengthen bracelet if necessary.) To Finish. 3) Tie knot in stretch cord, pulling knot as tight as you can and slip crimp tube over knot. 4) Using crimping pliers, crimp the tube (ideally knot is inside of tube when crimp is made), and then cut off the excess cord.