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Felt Treat Boxes

Make them for your kids, your honey, or even for classmates. In fact, Betty really wants to give these at her class party. We’ll see how ambitious we’re feeling!

DIY Kid-Size Tissue Paper Pom Poms

The good thing is, you probably already have tissue paper — which is the key supply for this project — in the house. Scissors and either a sewing machine, thread and needle, or stapler round out your supplies. Ready to make something super easy? Let’s go!

DIY Photo Snowglobes

If you’re looking for an easy last-minute gift your kids can make, this is a great one. A fun project for big kids or little kids.

DIY Hanging Living Terrariums

If you caught today’s shoot at Terrain, chances are the hanging root balls grabbed your attention. We love the idea of using these as terrariums and displaying all sorts of beautiful flowers, both indoors and out! Thank you Jessica Cooper Photography and Sebesta Design for sharing your tips.

DIY Vintage Classroom Posters

Making posters isn’t a big investment of time or money. If Oscar’s passion for marine biology continues, the posters will continue to look good, but if he decides he’s into something else, it won’t feel like a big sacrifice to say goodbye to the shark posters. Does that make sense? : )

DIY Cement Candleholders

This project is so satisfying. The containers you can use are endless, and it would be fun to add to your collection as you find interesting shapes. I hope you give it a try!

DIY Cement Pencil Holder

The project incorporates two of my favorite things — fresh school supplies, and cement. Best of all, it’s not just for pens and pencils. This handsome utilitarian item can be designed to hold any number and any size of desk accessories. The style and layout is all up to you!

DIY Painted Wooden Peg Doll Ornaments

I love adding new ornaments to my tree each year. Sometimes I buy them, but I really love making them too. This year, I thought it would be fun to create a little “family” of ornaments — one for me, one for my husband, and one for each child. I was inspiration by wooden ornaments that I saw at Crate

Fresh Flamingo Nail

The nail art world is hot (pink) for flamingos this summer. So, naturally when NYC-based nail artist Miss Pop stopped by OPI HQ for some trend talk and nail art, she said a fun flamingo mani with our Seize the Summer shades was a must! Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial you can follow to recreate Miss Pop’s signature summer look.

Hauntingly Cool Half-Moon Nail Tutorial

Scare up some compliments this fall with this enchanting metallic nail design. With equal parts sparkle and shine, these half-moon nails are sure to please mani minimalists and glam gals alike. Give it a whirl, and share your fave autumnal nail art ideas in the comments below!

Brighten Up a Dreary Day with This Brilliant Nail Tutorial

Winter can get a little, dare we say, dreary, so why not infuse your day with some color? Today, we’re brightening things up with some brilliant nail art. Not only is this manicure dripping with all the colors of the rainbow, the gold splatter adds texture that takes the whole shebang to the next level.

Get Garden Party Glam with This Floral Nail Tutorial

Inspired by spring’s return, as well as the pastel styles we’re loving right now, we present this pretty, floral-infused manicure. Take a moment to stop and paint the roses — then relish in the oohs and ahs you’re sure to earn for this sweet look!

Glittery Nail Art

Whether you’re headed to a BBQ, a fireworks display in the park, or keeping it easy breezy with your pals, don’t forget about the details this 4th of July. This patriotic manicure is easy enough for anyone to pull off — try it before you head out for a day of festivities!

DIY Ice Luminaries

Winter is dark and cold — at least where I live. I can’t do much about the cold, however, I can do something about the dark! The long nights of the winter are a perfect time for luminaries. Who doesn’t love the inviting look of a walkway lined with lights?

Yarn Ball Bookmark

Has the weather turned cold where you live? In my neighborhood, temperatures have dropped and my instincts are to spend the day cozied up with a favorite book and favorite mug full of hot cocoa. Are you the same? I’m sure you have many fellow book worms in your neighborhood, so I thought it would be fun to create a charming little bookmark that would make a great anytime gift for anyone that needs a little fall comfort.

DIY Paper Plate Berry Baskets

Peak-of-the-season berries are a favorite during this time of year. Their fresh colors and sweet taste, it’s wonderful! They add a much needed pop of color to a dinner spread or picnic basket.

DIY Paper Ribbon Garland

Sewn paper garlands have become one of my favorite items to make as of late. And a mini version? Well, the cuteness factor is off the charts! These little ditties aren’t just for hanging either. From wrapping gifts to wrapping around desserts, paper ribbon garlands are the extra wonderful bit you need. Don’t you just love them?

DIY Mother’s Day Garland

You know I love a sewn paper garland, and with Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, I just had to put one together for moms. Big or mini, I think ‘I love mom’ says it all. This tutorial is the same as the tutorial from a few months back — it’s carefully feeding paper through the sewing machine. But letters pose a little more of a challenge.

DIY Stamped Clay Place Cards

Do you use place cards at your formal meals? We rarely have. But I feel like we should use them more often, because they can really make set table feel extra-special. As a guest, seeing a card with my name on it, made for me, in a spot set for me, is delightful. Proof someone thought of me! : ) I loved seeing a place set with my name as a child, and it’s pretty darn wonderful as an adult too.

DIY Man in the Moon Garland

A Man in the Moon Garland! (With some Women in the Moon too!) What nursery wouldn’t benefit from such a friendly addition? And it can be easily customized to your liking — different faces, bushier eyebrows, paler cheeks — whatever you like!