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DIY Personalized Leather Key Chain

Are you on the look out for a great, handmade father’s day gift to make? These handmade key chains can be personalized with any name or message, and they’re so easy to make that you can have several done in no time! I used leather scraps from another project, but this would be a great way to repurpose an old belt or worn out handbag that is beyond repair. To make your own personalized, leather key fob, you’ll need:

How to Make Jewelry with Doll House Miniatures

Looking for unique gift ideas you can make? Here’s a project that you can customize for each recipient: use miniatures to create an original jewelry piece. Dimensional Magic makes it easy to quickly assemble these pendants and still have a professional looking finish.

Make an Embossed Belt from Leather

I think belts are an awesome accessory. With my “mom” wardrobe (jeans and a shirt), I like that I can add a little style and polish to a simple outfit just by adding a belt. I’ve made a few fabric belts in the past, and this is my first go at making a leather belt.​

DIY Painted Ring Holder

Learn this project of Painted Ring Holder at Beads.How now!

DIY Jewelry Box

DIY your own jewelry box to collect some ornaments you like. Here will share you the easiest ways of this jewelry box.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

This DIY allows you to organize your jewelry and display it in a fun way!

DIY Animal Jewelry Holder

This is a very cute simple project with lots of lovely animal models. They are so easy to make, perfect to use in daily, also as a unique present for youself!

DIY Acorn Ornaments

I love having a few handmade ornaments hanging on the tree. These DIY acorn ornaments are a really fun activity to do with kids and a beautiful result. You can paint them any color you’d like to match your holiday decorating aesthetic.

Faux Fur Wreath

This is a easy wreath to make, just some simple hand sewing. Cutting faux fur can be a little messy though, so be prepared to pull out the vacuum and a lint brush when you are done. I tried to be as specific as I could with how much fur you will need, but it will really depend on the size wreath you use.

DIY Leather Strap Clutch

Let’s get the tutorial first and then I’ll post the giveaway at the end.

DIY Dried Flower Anchor Ornaments

Without fail, my favorite projects are always the ones that are born without rhyme or reason. This particular tutorial came about while I was driving a few weeks ago. Apparently, sitting in a car is prime time for crafty thoughts.

DIY Paper Boat Clutch

Do you have a love for lovely jewelry accessories? Then this might be the perfect project for you!

DIY Bow Belt

Hope you will love this super easy and kid-friendly DIY craft project.

Message In An Ornament

Hey, friends! Today we'll get started with one of my favourites -- message in an ornament. Enjoy!

DIY Felt Gift Pouch

I am always searching for a sweet little gift bags for small holiday gifts for friends and family. I had felt and sparkly ribbon on hand. These felt punches take five minutes – seriously! They can fit jewelry, gift cards, and a special note.

Western Velvet Jewel Collar

Hello Sweets! As I promised you this morning, I’m going to share you a knockoff tutorial of a sweet little necklace that would surely glam up your ordinary shirts :)

DIY Transparent Satchel

For those of you interested in purchasing the kit – you’ll be super happy to know that we’ve pre-cut and hole punched the PVC, so it’s really just a simple game of folding and studding for you! Virtually 100% foolproof!

DIY Leather Clutch

This is a design I created from scratch using the most gorgeous blush coloured thick leather, and I’m excited to share it with you by way of Wander and Hunt.

DIY Jewelled Collar Tips

I live in silk shirts, particularly in the cooler months when they are perfect thrown over skinny jeans and layered with chunky knits or jackets. This week I’ll show you how to create some detachable jewelled collar tips – perfect for adding a little something special to your favourite collared shirt.

DIY Fresh Flower Crown

This year I’ve decided to to make sure I prepare better, but in the meantime I thought I would share with you the steps for creating your own fresh flower crown, a little accessory that’s as home at a Halloween party as it is at a baby shower, wedding or any other special occasion. Can’t go wrong with fresh flowers!