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DIY Bonbon Advent Wreath

An advent calendar for the wall made up of 25 bright, colorful little bonbons – let the countdown begin! Fill each little package with treats, jokes, tattoos, things to do together.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Today we'll show you how to make your own holiday wreath that it can be customized to your personal style and taste.

DIY Color Block Clutch

This is not the first time I've decorated clutches, but after spotting this inexpensive pair at Forever 21, I had to scoop them up and add some colorblocking. With a little paint and some studs they get in instant makeover. Steps after the break!

DIY Faux Bow Clutch

Why not have a try at creating you own accessories? The cost is low and you can make colorful jewelry at your hand.

DIY Rope Vase

I am back with wonderful project which give the strong material a feminine touch. Take a look at it!

DIY Triangle Cement Airplant Holder

What an adorable and creative way to brighten one's office space or even nursery! Let's create this airplant holder together!

DIY Neon Pineapple Airplant Holder

Pineapples are having a moment, and I am SO on board with it! They are ridiculously cute, they are delicious, and if you show up to a party with one, people are instantly happy. The studio is filling up with airplants, so we got to creating some new holders for them. How perfect are the airplants as pineapple toppers! Kinda the cutest, right? This time around I used air dry clay, making this a super simple project, but I see potential for a cement or ceramic version, right?

My Dig Wire Heart Paperclips

I saw these heart paperclips the other day, and thought they were the absolute cutest, but was bummed to see they were sold out. So, I grabbed some wire I already had at the studio and whipped up a batch in no time! Wouldn't this be the perfect gift for someone starting a new job, just put a bunch in an empty match box!

Vintage Bookmark

If you are an avid reader, or you know one, or you just want a special bookmark for a special book (like a journal or devotional book) – you can make up one of these pretty beaded waxed linen twine bookmarks in about 10 minutes!

Stamped Key Chain

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? It is! There are thousands of writers busting out novels in the 30 days of this month. I am pretty involved in my local region – I’m not writing a novel this year, but I still help get the events off the ground...

DIY Marbled Purse

My favorite projects are the kinds that are based off of a method that's typically used for something else. In other words, I love adapting techniques and applying them in different ways. Marbling techniques used for nail art have been spotted all over DIY-related media outlets – I’m sure you’ve seen them on Pinterest, especially. I decided to try it out on a useful accessory, and luckily found the perfect purse at the thrift store. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I'm happy to report that it was a success. Keep reading to see how I made it:

DIY Embellished Barrette Bag

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use plastic children's barrettes from the dollar store to upgrade a basic bag. Add some glistening faceted rhinestones and you've got yourself a pretty kick ass purse. The key to making this project look like a gem (no pun intended) is focusing on the position of each embellishment. Don’t just throw it all on there; think about the overall picture and how the pieces work together.

DIY Bow Tie Tutorial

I love it when menswear creeps into women's fashion, and bow ties are the perfect way to borrow-from-the-boys without sacrificing femininity. Today I'll show you how to DIY a bow tie in a classic plaid.

Leather Feater Day's Key Chain

DIY this strand key chain for your father. Thanks for her long accompany.

DIY Makeup Case

This DIY makeup case tutorial started out as an oversized clutch tutorial. One major aspect about sewing and DIY projects is trial and error. This was my first time sewing a zipper and vinyl. Though it proved simple in the end, the size and shape of the bag didn't turn out quite like I wanted. The vinyl is very stiff and had I made it bigger would have been a perfect clutch. Oh well, I needed a new makeup case anyway!

DIY Marbled Air Plant Holder

My biggest obsessions currently include air plants, as evidenced by this Instagram post, and all things marble. I thought long and hard about how to combine the two and came up with these marbled clay planters.

DIY Paper Poppies

This project has been a long time in the making. I've been wanting to experiment with paper flowers for a while and finally just sat down and did it. In typical fashion, I chose a fairly simple flower to replicate. The Poppy. Here’s how I did it…

DIY Clear Clutch

A few months ago I made this clear clutch and now i'll share you how i made it. All it took was a few studs and a magnetic clasp.

DIY Keychain with Free Graphic

In honor of that memory, and because it’s adoption awareness month, I’m sharing this simple graphic. It’s a symbol for adoption, I learned. The triangle represents the connection between the birthparents, the child, and the adoptive parents. The heart is, obviously, love.

Anthro knock off keychain

Here’s a quick, fun project that would make a cute gift: a bow tie necklace! I used a Bowdabra bow maker to quickly make several bow ties in no time.