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Celebrity Style

First Ladies Show Off Their Style

When you hear "fashionista," who comes to mind? Popular movie-stars, singers and models, right? Well, United States First Ladies should be on this distinguished list! First Lady Michelle Obama has received great attention for her choice of colorful, contemporary and uber-fashionable dresses, skirts and cardigans not to mention her toned physique. More so than the First Ladies before her, she is trend-conscious. Obama knows how to perfectly embellish her attire, whether it be simply-sta

Celebrity Jewelry: Look Like A Star

Part of the celebrity lifestyle is to always look fabulous. Whether they are on the red carpet, making appearances on stage or on screen, or just walking down the street, celebrities always have to be ready for a snapshot. And because of this pressure (and the nonstop cash flow), they've become quite savvy at it, especially with their accessorizing. But even if you're on a budget and don't have access to a personal stylist, you can still look like a celebrity with a few tricks. Follow these cel

Linear Earrings Exude Refined Elegance

Wearing linear earrings will guarantee a sleek and refined elegance worthy of the red carpet. These drops dive so deep that many different styles and looks can be achieved. Choosing which style you want may be the toughest decision you'll make! Wear earrings ending in spherical shapes to parties and nights out on the town. The closer to your shoulders these orbs get, the more jaws will drop in awe. Look for pearl or diamond styles for the most lustrous looks.If you want to add interest all t

Celebrity Engagement Rings: Our Top Picks

We all keep a close eye on the activities of celebrities, from political figures to movie stars. And we especially love to follow their fashion and their love lives, hence our obsession with celebrity engagement rings. Here is a list of the best celebrity engagement rings throughout modern history. From the rarest to the biggest celebrity engagement rings, these designs have continued to wow people with their creativity and over-the-top sparkle. And if you like what you see, we offer celebrity

How to Look Like a Celebrity on a Budget

How to Look Like a Celebrity on a BudgetNot all of us have an unending supply of money to fund our celebrity fashion endeavors. But that's okay. Get the same high end looks for less with celebrityfashion jewelrymade from crystals, faux stones, and alternative metals. Celebrity costume jewelry is especially great if you are determined to follow trends. It's affordable enough to keep up with your changing style and doesn't have to last a long time.Another way to satisfy your fashio

Chandelier Earrings Get You Red-Carpet Ready

When it comes to the red carpet, jewels create just as much buzz as the frock.Swing earringslikechandeliersattract lots of attention and celebrities love them for their rich look and large silhouette. Chandelier earrings are named after their resemblance to the ornate light fixtures and feature multiple dangling drops which often cascade down. The chandelier design creates spectacular movement, glistening like a shower of shooting stars. These dangling earrings are per

Celebrity Jewelry: Famous Jewels

We all like to lust over the grand and illustrious gems of celebrities, but the real lookers may be well before your time. Rare, regal, and over-the top designs are rich, not only in value, but also in tales and traditions. These old and famous gemstones and breathtaking pieces of historical jewelry are bound to increase your envy to dangerously high levels!The Hope DiamondThe Hope Diamond is easily the most famous diamond in the world, coming in at 45.52 carats with a very rare steel b

Celebrity Style Jewelry

On the red carpet, on stage, in film, even just strolling down the street, celebrities are caught sporting the most coveted jewelry designs. But you don't need a celebrity paycheck to replicate their style. Our fashion experts keep a watchful eye on the most popular celebrity styles to provide you with designs that create the same look. Browse our articles for ideas and inspiration to bring out your inner star.