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How to Buy Seed Beads

Understanding how seed beads are sold - what is a hank, how many beads in a gram, why are some beads heavier than others, etc.

Timeless Jewelry Designs

Timeless Jewelry Designs Maybe you're not all about dropping thousands of dollars on a trendy piece of jewelry with a style expiration date and we get that! You want something glamorous that can be worn throughout your lifetime and even passed down for generations to come. You want jewelry that can become a part of your legacy. Let us help you create your jewelry legacy with our vast collection of timeless designs. Here you will find everything you need to know about classics, such as di

Estate Jewelry is Carefully Selected

Timeless and unique, are the two words that Tom Kowal has in mind when hand selecting theEstate collectionfor Ross-Simons. Often, he looks through thousands of jewels and chooses only a handful to be featured online.Tom knows that women like to wear fantastic jewelry that will make an impression, so when he is on a buying trip he carefully examines each piece to make sure that they will be a knockou

The Secret to Estate Jewelry

Uniqueness:We try to find pieces that really are one-of-a-kind. Out of production pieces, such as a pair of 1940 cuff links from Tiffany's, are especially desirable because of their rarity. We feel very lucky when we come across items like that which have managed to make it through the years without getting lost, broken, or melted down for scrap metal. When we say "unique," we mean it's something that you wouldn't come across every day, but that's still in goo

Monica Rich Kosann Jewelry

About Monica Rich Kosann JewelryDesigned to offer her customers heirlooms for generation, Monica Rich Kosann has created a jewelry collection of lockets and pendant necklaces through which a woman can tell her life's story. In choosing motifs such as the crescent moon, owls, telescopes or the compass, Kosann evokes a sense of timeless memories. Her goal is to maintain the elegance of design while capturing the essence of fashion. The memories we create each day of our lives are to be lived wi

A Little About Diamond Shapes

A Little About BrandedShapesThere are dozens more diamond shapes than the ten most common, yet some of these are virtually unknown outside the industry. Many of these are patented and kept exclusive by their owners. For example, a Jupiter cut has five sides, a Hexagon or Half Dutch Rose cut has six, the Queen and the Baroness cut have eight sides, and the bead cut looks (seriously) like a disco ball. The Tulip, Bullet, Boat Shaped Rose, Genesistar, and Fan are all unusual shapes that are

Complementing The Rest of The Ring

Complementing The Rest ofTheRingSome shapes are better suited to certain setting styles. If the setting is very important to you, that can drive the shape of the diamond you select. If you prefer a solitaire setting, you can choose any shape available and show the diamond off to its best potential.Oval, round, princess, radiant, cushion or marquise shapes are well-suited to being the primary stone in a multi-stone ring. Asymmetrical shapes such as the pear, trilliant or heart are

Express Your Style

Express Your StyleYou may be told that diamond shapes can be matched to the type of woman you are. This is mostly entertainment or hopeful advice for men attempting to choose anengagement ringfor a surprise proposal. Still, there is some truth to that statement. If the woman is very traditional, she will probably prefer a round brilliant diamond in a solitaire setting, or if she is sentimental and romantic, she will likely be charmed by a pink diamond in a heart shape. If she is fa

Consider Diamond Shape When Buying

You should consider shape when buying a diamond ring because it will affect how the ring looks on your finger. Women with shorter fingers should try on elongated styles such as a pear, oval, or marquise, and avoid wide bands that give the illusion of even shorter fingers.Square shapes such as radiant and princess are best for women with long fingers as they make them appear shorter.Women with larger hands may want to avoid very slender, delicate ring settings and narrow diamond shapes like th


Know your 4 C's; Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color as well as the diamond shape before deciding on a ring. Your jeweler will let you look at loose diamonds, and once you have chosen the one you like then you can pick out the setting. You can also get an engagement ring that is already preset.Diamond Shapes:There are a variety of diamond shapes to choose from including round, princess, pear, cushion, heart, asscher, oval, emerald, marquise and radiant.Diamond Cuts:The cut

Diamond Cuts

There are different types of stone cuts reserved for diamonds and diamond stimulants, such as CZ and moissanite. These cuts were designed specifically to maximize the diamond's sparkle through specific proportions and faceting techniques. Some, like the Old Mine cut, are usually only seen invintage jewelry, while a newer diamond cut, like the princess-cut, can only be found in modern designs.Asscher-Cut: A variation of

Things to Know About Monogram Jewelry

If you are buying for a gift, give yourself at least an extra 3-5 days, sometimes even a few weeks. These are custom orders and they take more time to fulfill. Personalized jewelry is made special for you. Therefore it cannot be returned and resold. If the option is there, make sure to specify if you want block or script font. There is a difference between Three-Initial and Monogram styling. Three-Initial is just three equally sized initials, usually meant to represent a first name, m

Watches: A Buying Guide and More

Watches for All OccasionsSince ancient times, people have been fascinated with time pieces and this still holds true today. You've come to the right place for not only choosing the perfect watch for yourself or a loved one, but to discover the fascinating history of watch making from clocks to the more-accessible wrist watch. Whether you wear a watch for fashion or for keeping track of your day, we offer a wide variety of styles and makes. You'll find sporty and performance watches that hol

First Communion Gift Giving

Have you been invited to a first communion party? Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate and commemorate this special moment of Christian faith?You've come to the right place!The cross is a treasured symbol of faith and is a universally recognized image of reverence and devotion. Many boys and girls wear a cross necklace with their first communion attire and are photographed holding rosary beads both great gift options.You will also find gifts of a religious nature from Reed an

Graduation Gift Guide

You may have been invited to a graduation party. What do you get the recent graduate?We created agraduation gift guidewith a collection of gifts the graduate will be thrilled to receive!Graduation is a time of transition from being a teen to becoming an adult or from being a full-time student to a professional. A gift to recognize this milestone will be truly appreciated.For him, great choices include awatch, or amonogrammed giftlike cuff links, a money clip and

Citrine Jewelry Buying Guide

Citrine Color and ShapeCitrine colors range from a soft, light yellow to a golden-orange. Because of its rich hue, it is often confused with the more expensive topaz. Orange citrine is sometimes referred to as "Madeira citrine," alluding to its likeness in color to Madeira wine.Jewelers love to use citrine in their designs, so as a result, citrine comes in almost any shape imaginable. This includes oval, round, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, and rectangular. Cushion-cut and emerald-cut citrine di

Peridot Jewelry Buying Guide

Peridot Color and ShapePeridot is commonly a lime green color. However, depending on the amount of iron present, the stone could have more yellow or brown notes. Some peridot gemstones are an earthy olive hue.Since peridot is so readily available, it comes in all sorts of shapes and cuts. This includes oval, round, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, and rectangular. To fully show off its bright sparkle, some of our peridot gems have fancier facets, such as cushion-cut and emerald-cut. For a more casu

Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide: All About Pearls

For thousands of years, pearls have been a classic favorite; coveted for their natural beauty, rarity, luster and shine. To find one is invaluable. Out of 10,000 oysters, there may only be one treasure among all treasures... a single, natural pearl.Pearls today, whether designed in a necklace, bracelet,earrings, ring or brooch, are commonly referred to as cultured pearls. Pearl jewelry has become a favorite due to its classic design and affordable appeal.A cultivated pearl is created by inten

Luxury Watches: Find the Best Watch for Your Lifestyle

Watch Movement Types A watch movement indicates how the watch is able to keep time. A majority of modern watches have a quartz movement. Often Swiss-made, a quartz watch uses electricity from a battery to power the movement. When electricity passes through the quartz crystal, it vibrates at a precise frequency. These vibrations drive the movement to keep the hands in motion. But before the quartz technique came to be, there was mechanical watch movement. Sometimes found in estate collections,


Classic Jewelry Clasp TypesBall clasp: Also called a bead clasp, a ball clasp is a round, spherical jewelry fastener. Sometimes adorned with gemstones or texturing, ball clasps provide a decorative closure which flows with the design of a necklace or bracelet.Barrel clasp: A barrel clasp is a small barrel or torpedo-shaped closure which fastens two ends together through a screw, box or hook-insert mechanism.Box: A box clasp involves a tab inserted into a decorative box. Usually w
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