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Brooch Projects

Butterfly Brooch

Have you seen butterfly brooch before? If not, you can pay more attention on today’s Pandahall tutorial about how to make elegant pearl and drop glass beads butterfly brooch.

Beaded Dragonfly Brooch

This is one of my experiment which turned out really pretty.

Colorful Flower Brooch

Summer is the best time to hang with your friends and family. It's filled with colors.So make some summer holiday gifts for you loved ones and remember to add tons of colors.

Vintage Butterfly Brooch

Do you want to wrap a vintage butterfly brooch? Join me to make this wire wrapped butterfly brooch for yourself now!

Green Felt Leaf Brooch

This is an easy DIY craft for adults and ever for kids to try! If you are interest in this green felt leaf brooch with buttons and pearls decorated, then do it now!

How To Make A Metal Vintage Brooch

Metal vintage brooches are works of art in some ways and are worth collecting and gifting. Besides pinning brooches on your evening dresses or daily outfits, you can also pin them in your hair paired with a casual bun. Is it fresh to you? Any creative idea can be a new trend. Now just follow the below step by step tutorial to make a gorgeous brooch for yourself or your friends.

Lizard Brooch

How to create a Lizard Brooch using wire, small glass beads and an old coat button.

Knitted Pie Brooch

This pie is super cute, has no calories, and looks delicious. I present the Knitted Lemon Meringue Pie Brooch.

Wire Heart Valentine's Brooch

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Add some holiday pizazz to your outfit with a wired heart brooch.Sweet and so simple to make. And I'll show you how to personalize it, too!

Hama Bead Brooches for the Ladies

There is not much that beats giving gifts to others and seeing them smile or crack up, whether it is because they find the gift adorable or just plain ridiculous. Together with 34 colleagues I visited Aalborg in Denmark a couple of days this week.

DIY Mini Pin Brooch

This is an easy craft and it doesn’t take too much time. You can definitely finish it during an episode of your favorite show. So put on your fave show and let’s get started!

Mother’s Day DIY Butterfly Brooch

Spring brings lovely things, doesn’t it? Flowers, birds, butterflies – all of nature’s goodness! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate nature’s beauty. We usually do this with a bouquet of flowers but what about creating a more permanent ode to nature? I’ll show you how to make a beautiful, whimsical Mother’s Day DIY butterfly brooch.

DIY Upcycled Heart Pin Brooch

I used an old red t-shirt for this project and it really does come together quickly. Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Felt Flower Brooch

This brooch looks very nice. Let us give a try now!

DIY Heart Brooch

All dressed up for Valentine's day and looking for a last piéce de résistance? Add the final touches to your wardrobe by stitching up this cute DIY Valentine's Day Heart Brooch.

DIY Pom Pom Brooch

These diy pom-pom brooches are a fun way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe without costing much money or taking too much time to make.

DIY Strawberry Brooch

You know that whole thing I said yesterday that Im all ready for fall? Well, maybeee that wasn’t 100% true. Or at least I am not at the point where I’m okay with letting go of fruit-themed diys. If you want a fun way to add some cuteness to your wardrobe, you’ll definately want to make these strawberry brooches! Here’s how:

DIY Pretty Vintage Stroybook Brooches

This little DIY couldn't be simpler, all you need is a safety pin, industrial tape, an image you love and some clear nailpolish. I have a lot of vintage kids books laying around, I always feel a little bad cutting them up but I figure the pictures in them are so beautiful they deserve to be shared.

Collar Brooch

I’ve been meaning to make collar brooches for quite some time, and today I finally managed to make quick and easy one using earrings. So, if you have stud-type earrings (or clip-on ones) that you want to upcycle, give it a try!

DIY Romantic Branch Brooch

Brooches are simply beautiful, don’t you agree? I found a few vintage brooches from my mom last weekend, while going though some old boxes …which inspired me for today’s Branch Brooch DIY. Hope you enjoy!
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