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Brooch Projects

DIY Ribbon Brooch Flower

Do you want to know the details of DIY ribbon brooch flower? Just come here, you can find the method of DIY the brooch flower from this project. It's very atmosphere and elegant for all the young ladies to wear. Now, let's start our DIY.

Handmade Cloth Brooch

Brooch is one of the most beautiful jewelries in our daily life. Do you like DIY brooch jewelry? If you like, just try to DIY it together. Hope you will like it.

Handmade Non-woven Animal Brooch

Let's try to make a cute non-woven animal brooch. Surely every one will like it, especially the lovely child. Give a big surprise to your kids. They'll be absolutely happy to have such a cute brooch. Let's have a try together.

DIY Anthro Inspired Cupcake Liner Brooch

I am sure you will like this anthro inspired cupcake liner brooch.

Felt Brooch

product Details: Materials needed in making non-woven brooch: felt in various colors, sewing thread, scissors, brooch finding, etc. Instructions: Step 1. Draw a paper model for felt and cut it off. Step 2. prepare two kinds of felts as below, then roll them into a flower. prepare two green leafs. Step 3. Attach the flower and leaves by sewing thread, then glue on the brooch finding.OK, the felt brooch is finished. Please have a try!

Handmade Brooch

Today the project we want to learn is handmade brooch. Next, I will bring you to explore the details of making this beautiful brooch. Let us have a try!Material: ribbon, cotton lace, different decorative button clasp, metal chain, brooch pin.First, fold the ribbon and cotton lace with needle.Second, suture the ribbon and the cotton lace together, pay attention to the angel and length.Third, attach buttons on the top and make a pattern you like. Finally, sewing the br

DIY Colorful Satin Brooch

Look at the following DIY colorful satin broochDo you know how to make it? Follow me! The diagram of making the colorful DIYSatin brooch Tools: thick cardboard, pencil, ruler,scissor, beading needle, pin, thread Materials: jacquard, plain cloth, safetypin, button, bead, satin 1. Tailor a piece of jacquard which is 12*30centimeterand a piece of plain cloth which is 9*30centimeter.2. Fold the jacquard lengthwise (the front side faces inside), keep about 0.7 ce

How to Make Beaded Snowflake Brooch

Materials needed in making snowflake brooches: 0.8mm Silver Copper Wires 0.5mm Silver Copper Wires Mixed Bead Caps3mm Acrylic Bicone Beads 8mm Glass Pearl Beads Green Acrylic Bicone Beads 8mm White Acrylic Abacus Beads Mixed Drop Acrylic Beads&

Rose brooch

The materials and tools for making this rose brooch:Porcelain rose bead6mm white pearls4mm Pink seed beadsPin backSilver chainsEye pinsHead pinsJump ringsRound nose plierChain nose plierWire cutter Steps for beading jewelry designs:Connect rose on to safe pinThread rose bead onto eye pin, hold the bead closely against the eye pin, and insert pin into one end of safe pin, looping tightly the rest part of eye pin around the end of safe pin;

Beaded Snowflake Brooch

Materials and tools for making a beaded snowflake brooch:2mm Glass Round Seed Beads, Transparent, Red3mm Glass Round Seed Beads, Transparent, Green11mm Resin Button, Red18mm Brass Brooch Finding, Round, Platinum (Not Shown)Felt, WhiteSewing Thread, GreenNeedleScissorsHot Glue Gun (Not Shown)Pencil (Not Shown) Step 1: Make a beaded snowflake. 

DIY Antique Brooch

Supplies:PearlsSwarovski CrystalsJewelry PliersClear Jewelry ThreadGlueScissorsBrooch Findings Instructions:1. Glue a clear Swarovski crystal to the center of base.2. Take the clear thread and thread a ring of pearls through the holes of the base. Done!

Tokyo Pin

Instructions. 1) Take four of the Headpins and thread on oneCzech Fire Polished bead (4x7mm ), Jet onto each. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers, make a Simple Loop with the remaining Headpin wire. Use your Side Cutters to trim away any excess wire. Just before closing these Simple Loops, attach one to the first two loops on the Kilt Pin, and the last two loops. There should not by a Headpin attached to the middle loop. Close all of the Simple Loops completely.2) Take two Headpins
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