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Brooch Projects

DIY Rhinestone Brooches

Do you have a love for rhinestone jewelry accessories? Then this might be the perfect project for you!

Make a T-shirt Flower Brooch

T-shirts can probably be considered a DIY girl’s best friend – they are inexpensive, come in a huge variety of colors and prints, and pretty much everyone owns a couple (with a few to to spare for crafts!) This DIY uses t-shirt fabric to make an eye popping, fun brooch.

Twisted Pearl Brooch

As any fashionista will tell you, it’s all about the details. This DIY jewelry project, aTwisted Pearl Brooch, will add simple yet elegant style to anything you wear.

Pearl Bow Brooch

Let us get started for this project of Pearl Bow Brooch.

Dazzling Statement Necklace

Are you looking for some accessories for the breezy autumn outing, here's a course to let you learn to make gorgeous sparkling accessories yourself.

Flower Brooch

A flower pin can be be worn on your belt or fastened to a long necklace. Sometimes we just roll with it thrown on an old army jacket.

Fashion Rhinestone Brooch

Give a try for this project of rhinestone brooch. Hope you like it!

DIY Pistachio Shells Brooch

Love a nice and pretty brooch and start your own DIY Pistachio Shells Brooch

DIY Origami Brooch

DIY Origami Brooch for you!

DIY Oversized Floral Brooch

Get started for today's project of DIY Oversized Floral Brooch.

Needle & Wool knitters Brooch

For this cute little project all you need is some basic knitting skills.

Torn Fabric Brooch

This tutorial shows you how to make your own torn fabric brooches using recycled or new fabrics for a fun funky DIY fashion piece.

DIY Cement Brooches

Industrial-meets-feminine in this chic, modern cement brooch project!

Fabric Petal Brooch

This flower pin makes a wonderful brooch or scarf pin and can be made using recycled fabric. This one is made from an old skirt hem.

Love Heart Brooch

A beautiful expression of love - this felt heart will be a great gift for anyone this Valentine's Day.

Christmas Brooch – Poinsettia

This kids craft shows you how to make a felt brooch perfect for classroom Christmas themed activities and group activities for holidays.

Glittering Heart Brooch

This project can be great to create a brooch that you can make out of fabric.

Handmade Non-woven Brooch Flower

DIY a creative brooch flower for yourself to wear. Isn't cool and attractive to wear it? Let's be ready for making this brooch flower now.

DIY Original Brooch

Fashion and nice brooches are always popular with most friends, especially our young ladies, You can use it to decorate yourself or go with your clothing. Now, you have the chance to DIY your own original brooch as the following picture we show you.

DIY Fashion Brooch

Today's project is sharing you with the DIY fashion brooch. Surely most people will want to give a try, especially for the young ladies. Because we all want to be more beautiful whether in any ways. Now, get started to DIY it and enjoy the wonderful time together.
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