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Bracelet Projects

Charm Cuff Bracelet

Have you ever try to make a bracelet by yourselves. This tutorial shows you a kind of free cuff bracelet pattern, you can choose where to wrap the colorful beads and how to wrap them with jewelry wires as you like. You can wear this jewelry around you wrist, these bright colorful beads suit them summer well.

Grocery Bag Jewelry

This Instructable shows how to make a macrame bracelet entirely out of grocery bags (and a few beads if you prefer). This same technique can also be applied to making a ring.

White Pearl Lace Cuff Bracelet

White lace and pearl beads make this bridal lace bracelet so pure and beautiful. Welcome to click this lace cuff bracelet tutorial. Pearl and lace are main materials for making wedding jewelry for they are stand for nobility and purity. So it inspired me to DIY this white pearl lace bracelet. Girls can take a try to make one for yourself or send it to your best girlfriend. I believe this bridal lace bracelet is undoubtedly a very memorable gift. Now let's start to learn how to make a lace cuff bracelet.

Flower Bracelet

How to create a beautiful flower bracelet.

Make Jewelry Sets With Capacitors

I found some capacitors and their purple color made ​​me think of an alternative way to use them. I used them as if they were gemstones to create a set of jewels!

Candy Bracelet Jewelry

Make air dry clay candy jewelry that looks good enough to eat!

The Shark Jaw Bone Bracelet

It is a beautiful, attractive bracelet that demonstrates just how powerful paracord crafts are.

Repurposed Infinity Bracelet

I had a long necklace and a bracelet that I no longer wear, and I decided to mesh them together and make something new! I used 100% repurposed material, and used about 75% of the original products; The rest will go to another bracelet.

Pi Braclet

Heres a braclet my class would make in celebration of that awesome number.We would put beads that correspond to a number on a string that would become our pi braclet.

Easy Leather Cord And Bead Bracelet

Quick and easy project for craft groups, church sales, or presents. Three minutes, start to finish, once you've got it down and only need scissors for tools!

Love Knot Bangle Bracelets

Valentine’s Day themed tutorial again! DIY love knot bangle bracelets with aluminum wire.

Simple Chain Ring Bracelet

This is an easy, simple and non-expensive bracelet you can make in less than 5 minutes. I got all the materials at WalMart. I love these kinds of bracelets. Share your photos if you decide to make one.

Prayeracord Bracelet

Hope you enjoy! I know some people have been looking for a prayer bracelet that doesn't have a cross or crucifix hanging from the bracelet. Here is the result to solve that issue.

Wire Beaded Bracelet

Wire Beaded cuff is really simple to make. I made this in 10 minutes.I am glad how this turned out. Hope you ll like it. Thanks.

Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet

This is a very easy bracelet for beginners with no loom required.

Single Rainbow Loom

You can make it in your free time. It is so easy.

Octa- Flower Bracelet

A sinmle and funny bracelet, you will have it soon.

DIY Wide Beaded Bangle

This is an easy and fun bracelet to make. Only beads and threads are needed and the cost is quite low. Keep reading and try your own!

Jump Ring Woven Bracelet

For me, that's one of the biggest charms of these bracelets: they look stylish and nice, while actually being really simple and fast!

DIY Rainbow Lock Shaped Jade Charms Bracelet

In this article, you will see the easy homemade gifts. They are fun and easy to do. Good luck for you!