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Bracelet Projects

Fashion Rhombus Bracelet For Office Lady

Today’s tutorial is to make a rhombus bracelet for office lady, hope you like this black and gold bead bracelet.

DIY A Woven Bracelet With Small-Sized Glass Pearl Beads

In today’s project, I have shown an adorable beaded bracelet design. And to make it accessible to more crafters (both adults and children), there will need no extra skills or techniques at all. Simply by getting some 3mm glass pearl beads and one roll of firm tiger tail wire, you can start to make the woven beaded bracelet instantly.

HowTo Make A Criss Cross Bracelet With Coral And Turquoise Beads

This tutorial is about how to make criss cross bracelet.You will need coral beads and turquoise bead. If you love it, hope you can give it a go!

DIY Cute Bow Bracelet

Bows are sooooo cute, Tiny bows look even cuter. I've learned to make bows of different patterns recently and I come up with more cute patterns every day ( it's driving me crazy!). I didn't want to make hair bows, so this time I tried to make bracelets with a little bow on it, they look really cute. This ible will show you how to make these cuties!Don't wait, get started!

Rainbow Loom Bracelet

This is not a beginner bracelet!

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

A flat chain, with the colorful threads or suede cords woven through each link, has been popping up here and there at present. We usually name such a chain and suede bracelet: woven chain bracelet. Here, I also add the leather cord to make it a more textured and substantial feel.

Curved Pin Link Bracelet

This sweet, swingy bracelet features very safe curved pin connector findings and antique wash sparkly red beads. The free-floating bead dangles give the bracelet lots of movement and sparkle. This design would look lovely with a mix of beads if you want a more eclectic look.

Handcrafted Jewelry Project Friendship Bracelets Patterns

A simple bracelet for making. You can do it. Let us begin.

Making Candy Color Flower Loom Bracelets

Hi, guys, this is an easy instruction on making flower loom band bracelet. The elastic band bracelet requires colorful rubber bands, rubber band hook and S clip. Hope you will check this flower loom bracelet instructions out and comment, or like!

DIY Bracelet

Really cool, metal wire bracelets. So easy to make, once you know how!

Chinese Knot Strand With Hand Made Glass Beads

This instructable describes the process to create custom glass beads using a propane torch followed by creating a custom Chinese knot strand that holds the beads and completes the piece of jewelry. It assumes that the reader has some previous experience working with hot glass and has a command of basic techniques that include flame-cutting glass rods, as well as basic safety practices.

Orange Beaded Tatting Bracelet

With the advent of autumn, I feel so much more coolness; this orange tatting bracelet pattern is very suitable for autumn, for it brings me warmth, if you want to be in good mood, please follow to make the orange beaded tatting patterns free.

Flower Shaped Bracelet

Hi guys! This is a tutorial on how to make flower wire wrapped components to form a bracelet.

Creative Skull Bead Bracelet

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a creative bracelet while spending close to nothing!

Wire Woven Bracelet

This week, I'm sharing with you a beautiful woven silver bracelet using jewelry wire, and it’s a kind of wire wrap bracelet. Hope you'll enjoy it!

How To Make Chain Mail Links

In this instructable, I will show how to make chain mail links out of copper wire. This technique can be used any pattern or style of chain mail, or could also be used to make armor, if you had the time, money, and skill.

Two Color Fishtail Paracord Bracelet

First off sorry for the Hands, Fingers, and arm in the pictures. I made this Instructables because I couldn't find a one sides two color fishtail. I fumbled around and figured it out and thought I would put this out for everybody think the same thing. Enjoy.

The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet

In this tutorial I will take you through an extensive step-by-step process to make one of the more difficult patterns. Even though this is a difficult pattern I have written this tutorial so that even a beginner can accomplish this design!

Super Easy Button Bracelet

This is a great way reuse old buttons laying around. When you have no bracelet matching to your outfit this is an easy thing to do.

Safety Pin Bracelet

Get rid of those safety pins lying around the house and create a cool, quick and easy bracelet .
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