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Bracelet Projects

Quarter Bracelet

I like to wear money. Literally.But it is really easy to make jewelry out of coins as long as you have the right tools and materials!So here is an instructable for one of my favorite money-jewelry projects: the quarter bracelet.

Washer Bracelet

I love colorful looking jewelry. One of my friends bought a washer bracelet and I was immediately jealous. After the initial jealousy subsided, I decided to try to figure out how to make them. I'm not a huge fan of video tutorials and I found a lot of those as well as some rather clumsy step by step ones, so I decided to make my own.

Wooden Bracelet

I'm going to show you how to make a wooden bracelet! The process is really easy, but I'll walk you through the steps.

Square Knot Braided Couple Bracelet

In today's diy project, you will see how to make square knot braided couple bracelet with alphabet beads. Enjoy your time!

Crystal Glass Bead And Seed Bead Bracelets

In this Pandahall tutorial, you can see a crystal glass bead and seed bead bracelet. Hope you like the crystal glass bead bracelet.

Pearl Bead Bracelet With Bead Flower Decorated

Do you love pearl bead bracelets? This article will show you how to make a handmade white pearl bead bracelet with bead flower decorated.

Crystal And Pearl Bracelet And Earring Set

Fashion and beautiful bracelet and earring set, you should have them.

Glamorous Plumeria Choker Or Bracelet

This project was inspired by the Glamorous Ladies of Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Irene Dunne and some many more, The piece can be worn as bracelet or a choker. Let's jump down the rabbit hole and get started.

Making A Hemp Bracelet

How to make a traditional hemp bracelet with a series of quick and easy knots.Cheap and environmentally friendly enough for even the hippies!For this instructable I'll be using a bit of my own pink hemp (three cheers for extra hair dye!), though any type of string will work, even paracord.

How To Make A Hemp Bracelet

According to dictionary.comhemp, also called Indian hemp, marijuana, is a tall course plant that is native to Asia but naturalized or cultivated in many parts of the world and is the source of a valuable fiber. The tough fiber of this plant is used for making rope.

Flower Bracelet

Love simple bracelet ideas? If yes, today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make simple handmade flower bracelet for girls is a nice choice for you!

Moon Charm Ring Bracelet

Since my obsession with moon shapes continues I made one with it.You can use any charm just make sure that it has two holes one on top and one on the bottom.

Duck tape Braid Bracelet

A simple bracelet for making. Just do it now.

Heartwarming Fabric Bracelet

This bracelet certainly won't keep you warm this winter, but it sure is cute! It does take some time to make, but is well worth it.You can make a necklace this way also, but make it longer. This is my first attempt and I had to improvise a few things; hopefully I'll find better ways to make it later, but here's what I've got so far.

Slave Bracelet From Unused Jewelry

Slave bracelets are a gorgeous jewelry piece that you can make yourself from your unused jewelry. In this instructable I'll explain how you can take some pliers, split rings, and your own taste to make a great new piece you'll love to wear.

Hogwarts Houses Bracelets

Last week, I made the shocking discovery that I didn't have a Harry Potter related instructable. This may sound like something not that shocking, but for me it is :) I decided I wanted to make something that didn't scream Harry Potter, but when taking a second look being able to notice that it is indeed Harry Potter related. The steps showing the finished bracelets include the text from the sorting hat song in Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.I hope you like this instructable, if you do, I would love to know!

Palm Beach Bracelet And Earring

In here, you can learn how to make the unique bracelet and earring.

Beaded Princess Bracelet

Hi everyone!In this instructable, I’ll show you how to make a cute Beaded Princess Bracelet. It’s quite simple and fun.

Wire Twined Bracelet

A simple bracelet for making, it just spend you about ten minutes.

Easy Bead And Hemp Bracelet

Here is a quick hemp bracelet you can make for you or as a gift. It requires minimum supplies and is quite easy to do!
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