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Beading Q & A

Safety Chain

A chain on the fastening of a bracelet, watch, etc., to ensure that it cannot open enough to fall off accidentally. Also called guard.


Usually used to describe the metal surface finish that makes the items looks more shining and sparkle by some regular crapy patterns.


This item used in our website to describe the jewelry or findings are with multi colors just like the rainbow.

Ribbon Crimp

Ribbon crimp ends have an easy-to-use V-shaped slot--just press together with flat nose pliers. Internal teeth hold ribbon securely and hide frayed ribbon edges.


Silky soft and warm to the touch.

Pinch Bail

Pinch bails are small metal findings that have two pointed ends on one side and a loop on the other side. The pointed ends fit inside a bead and the loop is used for hanging.

Mood Enamel

Mood enamel means the jewelry color change with your temperature.

Micro Pave

The term \"micro pavé” refers to a technique of setting small diamonds or colored stones (melee) in multiple rows over the entire surface of a jewelry piece with a precision that is only possible using high magnification.


Having a dull, lusterless surface finish.

Lever Back Earring

A lever back is the enclosure of an earring. They are made for pierced ears. The back is often curved like a fish hook. The enclosure bends and latches behind the ear.

Jump Ring

A jump ring is a small circle of wire used to connect jewelry components.

Ice Flake

Maybe you also called them crackle. The ice flake effect inside the beads is produced when hot beads are dropped into cold water, creating a stunning effect that catches the light beautifully.

Inner Flower

A craft of lampwork that make flower pattern inside the lampwork pendant or bead that looks like vivid and beautiful.


Having a roughened coating resembling frosted glass.


Abounding with flocks; floccose.

Epoxy Sticker

Epoxy stickers are clear, round stickers that are domed. That is, they are higher in the middle and taper down around the outer edges. They give dimension and slight magnification to the image under it.

End Cap

End caps are an ideal way to finish jewelry made with beading chain or a thin cord. Simply glue the material (Silk , leather or linen cords)inside the cord end.

Extender Chain

A short chain that is usually with small drop to easily lengthen your necklace or bracelet.

Eye Pin

Eye pins have the same basic function as head pins, but instead of a horizontal piece on the end of the pin there is a loop.

Dangle Earring

Dangle earrings are designed to flow from the bottoms of the earlobes, and are available in various lengths from a centimeter or two, all the way to brushing the shoulders.